Hannity Keurig Contest Giveaway: 500 Keurig Coffee Machines Given Away Via ‘The Sean Hannity Show’ Website

The drama between The Sean Hannity Show and Keurig took a turn when a coffee machine giveaway took place, with 500 Keurig machines quickly being given away by Hannity. Keurig announced on November 11, that the firm would pull ads from Hannity’s Fox News program. But by Tuesday, November 14, there was a Hannity Keurig Giveaway that gained plenty of attention on Hannity.com — so much so that within two hours of being posted to the website, the Keurig giveaway was done.

“Sorry, the contest has closed. We will be mailing out Keurigs over the next few weeks to the first 500 entrants. Thank you!”

As seen in the below tweet from Hannity’s official Twitter account, Sean dedicated the tweet and contest giveaway to all of his “supportive and devoted fans of the show.” Therefore, Sean wrote that the giveaway of 500 Keurig machines represented a way for Hannity to say “thank you for always standing by me.”

Hannity offered the chance for the first 500 people who signed up and submitted a form from the Hannity.com website to receive a brand new Keurig machine. Hannity’s website also noted that they accepted the “apology of the Keurig CEO, and look forward to enjoying a nice cup of apolitical Joe.” Even though Sean wrote about an apology, according to Talking Points Memo, the Keurig CEO didn’t apologize to Hannity.

The decision of Hannity to give away 500 Keurig coffee machines was confusing to some folks who recently watched fans of Sean destroy their own Keurig machines during the past weekend. Keurig recently proclaimed that it would remove advertisements from Hannity’s show due to the way that Sean has covered allegations of sexual misconduct against Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore. Those who disagreed with the decision from Keurig took to social media to broadcast the destruction of their Keurig machines.

However, even though Hannity supported seeing people killing their Keurig machines, Sean eventually changed his tune and claimed that CEO Bob Gamgort had apologized on Monday. According to the Washington Post, Gamgort issued an apology to employees for what Bob called “any negativity” that Keurig employees may have had to endure due to the announcement that Keurig was pulling ads from Hannity’s show. It is not clear what details the submission contained on Hannity’s site, since it has been removed.

[Featured Image by Carolyn Kaster/AP Images]