WWE News: Aftermath Of Braun Strowman & Kane Brawl On ‘Raw’ Revealed By WWE

The latest episode of WWE Raw may have ended with a surprising crash through the ring mat but WWE also revealed to fans what happened after the television show ended. In a segment that looked like Strowman power slammed Kane straight to hell, television viewers were left to believe that the two monsters were gone. However, that wasn’t the case as WWE revealed the exclusive details of exactly what took place after.

As fans watched “The Monster Among Men” and “The Big Red Monster” both smash down through the ring into the depths of hell, the commentators sold shock at the big spot. However, WWE released a video (see below) called “Raw Fallout.” In that video, Braun Strowman is seen emerging from the hole that was created in the ring and standing tall with his arms raised. Kane was not seen after the huge slam took place that shook the viewers in attendance in Atlanta and those watching everywhere else.

With that, it appears Braun Strowman looks strong as he heads towards the upcoming Survivor Series 2017 pay-per-view. He’ll be a part of Team Raw along with captain Kurt Angle, Triple H, Finn Balor, and Samoa Joe. Early match predictions are already arriving, with fans divided on which squad will win the Team Raw vs. Team SmackDown battle for bragging rights.

WWE news aftermath of Braun Strowman and Kane brawl on RAW
Braun Strowman powerslammed Kane through the ring mat to end Raw, but what happened after? [Image by WWE]

Last year, Strowman was eliminated due to SmackDown team mascot James Ellsworth grabbing his leg as Braun tried to beat a countout but was stuck on the apron instead. Ellsworth isn’t expected to be at this year’s match due to being beaten up by most of the women’s division over the past week or so of WWE’s overseas tour.

This time around, one has to think that maybe “The Big Red Monster” will be out for revenge and cost Strowman his spot in the match. Kane isn’t currently listed as part of the Survivor Series card, but there’s no reason to believe these two are done with their feud. Kane was part of the reason that Strowman now appears to be a babyface heading towards Sunday’s pay-per-view. With no real conclusion to the big main event match on Raw, more needs to happen to set up a rivalry.

WWE fans, do you believe Kane will return for revenge at Survivor Series? How does the latest Braun Strowman spot rank amongst his biggest moments on Raw?

[Featured Image by WWE]