Woman Buys Lobster For $13.98 With Food Stamps For Her Dog, Goes Viral On YouTube, Facebook, Twitter [Video]

The video is titled "Welfare Queen Feeds Lobster To Dog," and shows a woman using her EBT card to buy $13.98 worth of lobster tails that she ends up feeding her dog is getting plenty of buzz anyway. As seen in the video, the woman purchases three ounces of "Lobster Tail, Previously Frozen," a "Product of Canada wild" that is priced at $37.28 per pound. With a "sell by" date of November 12, the two lobster tails are listed with a $6.99 unit price, therefore the total price is $13.98.

The video displays the unnamed woman ranting about being able to buy the lobster with her EBT card, because she receives SSI, Supplemental Security Income, for her depression. She also rants about people who receive SSI for disability who are able to purchase cars that are expensive. Comparing the cost of the $13.98 worth of lobster to the cashier's likely hourly salary, the woman who used food stamps to buy the lobster spoke about the cashier likely having to work for at least one hour to make a similar amount of money.

The lobster-buying woman also rants about her so-called "Obama phone" and the minutes allowed per month and the data for Internet surfing that is provided for the phone. She compares the phone to the flip phone that the cashier might carry.

Although the woman notes that she receives the benefits due to her depression, she also rants against being able to buy lobster with an EBT card. At the end of the video, the woman feeds the lobster to her dog, as if to add insult to injury. The woman claims that she conducted the entire lobster-buying experiment in order to film it for a YouTube video.

On the Louder With Crowder website, the article titled "Video: Real Life Welfare Queen Mocks Taxpayers. With Lobster Tails…" purports to show what is happening in the video. A search for "lobster food stamps" on Twitter and Facebook already features angry comments (with some folks tagging President Donald Trump) that rant about the video and about the "abuse" of buying lobster with food stamps.

However, the article titled "Think People On Food Stamps Are Eating More Lobster Than You? Think Again" on the Huffington Post challenged the notion, and Snopes has covered the controversy of buying lobster with food stamps. New York Magazine said "The 'Steak and Lobster' Food-Stamp Myth Refuses to Die" since the days of former President Ronald Reagan. "The Republican Attack on Feeding the Hungry" is what the Atlantic called "outrageous anecdotes about food stamp recipients feasting on lobster."

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