‘Teen Mom’ Star Leah Messer Popping Pills Again? MTV Star Responds To Fan’s Concerns For Her Health

Teen Mom 2 fans are well aware of Leah Messer’s struggles with drug addiction. The reality star enrolled in rehab two years ago for what fans believed was an addiction to prescription pills. While fans are convinced that Messer has a drug problem, the Teen Mom star recently shot down the rumors that she’s popping pills again — or ever had before.

The Hollywood Gossip reports that Messer’s drug problems have been featured on Teen Mom 2. In 2015, Messer seemingly hit rock bottom when she fell asleep while holding a baby. At the time, fans suspected that Messer was taking opioids. Messer resides in a part of the country that has been hit hard by the opioid epidemic, though she has never admitted to taking the prescription drugs.

Around the same time of the baby incident, Leah Messer enrolled herself in rehab. The reality star claims that wasn’t seeking help for substance abuse and says that she simply sought treatment for depression and anxiety. She completely denies using drugs and says that she was never addicted to prescription pills. To be fair, Messer was dealing with a lot of family drama when she checked into rehab – including her divorce from Jeremy Calvert – so it’s entirely possible that she was going through a bad bought of depression.


According to In Touch Weekly, Messer recently responded to the drug rumors on social media. After a fan commented about Messer’s drug addiction last season, the Teen Mom star criticized the fan for not knowing the truth and said that the rumors make her laugh.

“Lol. You guys don’t know anything. I can’t help but ROFL,” Messer shared.


While fans may still believe that Messer has a drug problem, she has been very open about her stint in rehab. Last year, Messer explained how her depression and anxiety forced her to seek treatment, and she isn’t afraid to talk about her mental health because she believes her story can help others in similar situations. Leah Messer also called her stay in rehab one of the best times of her life and credited it for helping her conquer her mental health issues.

Season 8 of Teen Mom 2 continues Monday nights on MTV.

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