'This Is Us' Spoilers: 'Big Three' Trilogy Shows Get Intense, Real, And Emotional As Fall Finale Nears

Tuesday night's episode of This Is Us kicks off a trilogy of shows that will have fans buzzing. Viewers are used to this NBC hit incorporating both present-day and flashback developments, but these next three episodes add some interesting components that will bring about some intense and dark scenes. What spoilers are available for the "Big Three" trilogy ahead?

Executive producer Isaac Aptaker explains via Entertainment Weekly that these next three episodes, set to air consecutively on November 14, 21, and 28, will all take place on the same day as one another both in the present and the past. This Is Us spoilers have already revealed that each of the three shows will focus on one specific character, with Kevin's first, Kate's second, and Randall's third. Each episode will showcase the same moments in time as the other two but from each different character's perspectives.

In fact, Aptaker details that this trilogy was filmed differently from what the series usually does. Executive producer Ken Olin tackled all three episodes in a 24-hour period and Aptaker indicates that it's a complex trio of interwoven storylines that will culminate in some big moments as the first half of Season 2 wraps. The Kevin-focused show coming up next will show actor Justin Hartley tackling some dark, emotional scenes and viewers know from previews that this will edge everybody closer to the event of Jack's death.

The November 21 episode focuses on pregnant and engaged Kate, played by Chrissy Metz, and the fall finale will showcase Sterling K. Brown and Lyric Ross as Randall and Deja as they continue to work through challenges in developing their relationship. While specific This Is Us spoilers beyond that remain under wraps, Aptaker teases that this journey to the Season 2 fall finale will be so intense that it may even top that stunning cliffhanger last winter when Toby crashed through the coffee table as he had a heart attack.

Brown took to his Instagram page to rev fans up for this week's episode. While Sterling didn't share any specific This Is Us spoilers, he did say that co-star Hartley would "wreck you in the most beautiful way possible" with these upcoming scenes. Sterling noted that he is barely in this next show, but it is still one of his favorites.

Mandy Moore, who plays Rebecca Pearson, tweeted that this one left her "choking back sobs" and she calls Hartley's delivery a masterful performance that deserves all of the accolades that he'll be getting. Roxy Olin, Ken Olin's daughter who also works on the show, tweeted that "Number One" will be a difficult, but important, episode to watch. She also teased that Hartley will "no doubt cut you open" and that people will be crying over this beautiful performance.
How do you think the series will manage to top Toby's coffee table moment from Season 1? How many answers will these next three episodes provide when it comes to Jack Pearson's death? This Is Us fans are always bracing themselves for intense, emotional scenes, but spoilers hint that these next few shows will be quite the roller coaster.

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