Kate Middleton’s Uncle Admits He Punched His Wife In Front Of London Home, Faces Jail

Kate Middleton’s uncle Gary Goldsmith has admitted that he punched his wife, knocking her unconscious outside their London home. Gary Goldsmith, the younger brother of Carole Middleton, Kate Middleton’s mother, had previously asked the court to drop the charges, but the judge refused. Goldsmith is now facing a restraining order, which would bar him from the family home, and he is also possibly facing time behind bars. The fight between the Goldsmiths started in a taxi on the way home from a party when Julie-Ann Goldsmith allegedly argued that Gary Goldsmith was doing cocaine at their private club.

Taxi driver Daniel Shepherd was a witness to the entire fight between Gary Goldsmith and his wife, Julie-Ann, and was the one who called the police to get Julie-Ann Goldsmith help. Shepherd said he was trying to get Gary Goldsmith to calm down and stop assaulting his wife.

“He was screaming and swearing at her and she slapped him round the face and his glasses fell off. He then turned and hit her in the face with a left hook. She fell and cracked her head on the pavement.”

Julie-Ann Goldsmith was taken to the hospital by ambulance and released the next day.

At a hearing today, Gary Goldsmith was released on bail on the condition that he stay away from fourth wife Julie-Ann Goldsmith and from the family home. Gary Goldsmith, who is said to be worth £30 million, must return to court next week for another hearing to determine his punishment. But the big news of the day is that Kate Middleton’s uncle pleaded guilty to the charge of assault by beating.

Crown prosecutor Kate Shilton told the court that Julie-Ann Goldsmith fell down after her husband threw a punch — a “left hook,” according to taxi driver Daniel Shepherd. Shilton explained how the London brawl unfolded.

“The argument took place in the back of a taxi. They both got out of the taxi and he [Mr Shepherd] describes Mrs Goldsmith slapping her husband to the face. He then describes how Mr Goldsmith punches her hard in the face using a left hook.’Mrs Goldsmith has then fallen backwards. He says: ‘She appears to be unconscious, she isn’t moving.'”

Although the charge against Gary Goldsmith comes with a six-month jail sentence, it is said to be more likely that Kate Middleton’s uncle will get community service despite Julie-Ann Goldsmith’s injury.

The prosecutor is saying that drinking and substance abuse likely played a role in the events of the evening in question. It is reported that alleged drug use broke up at least two of Gary Goldsmith’s marriages. Prosecutor Kate Shilton said both parties had over-indulged that evening.

“Mr. Goldsmith began to shout at her and both parties were drunk, having been drinking throughout the evening. Mrs. Goldsmith said she couldn’t recall how it happened but her husband punched her in the face with a closed fist to the left side of her face. She was knocked straight to the floor and hit the back of her head on the floor.”

Magistrate Emma Arbuthnot said that her priority is finding a way to protect Julie-Ann from her husband.

Gary and Julie-Ann Goldsmith have been photographed often around London, and Kate Middleton’s uncle was present at her wedding to Prince William, as well as his niece Pippa Middleton’s wedding last spring, which he attended with daughter Tallulah Goldsmith.

Do you think that Gary Goldsmith is getting special treatment as the uncle of Kate Middleton? Do you think that Kensington Palace has weighed in on this case?

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