Reason Why Triple H Has Made In-Ring Return So Early This Year Revealed

For the past couple of years, Triple H has mostly stepped into the ring for the grandest stage of them all. He has performed at some WWE live events, but they have usually been only a few weeks before WrestleMania each year. For instance, the last televised match Triple H had was against Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 33, but The Game’s shocking return to WWE television last night caught most of the WWE Universe off guard.

Heading into WWE Survivor Series, Triple H has replaced Jason Jordan as the last member of Team Raw for the Men’s 5 0n 5 Traditional Elimination Match at the event. It will be his first televised match on WWE programming since WrestleMania 33, but he’s been working some matches on the recent European tour. A lot of people have been wondering why The Game was performing during those events in early November.

During a recent interview, HHH revealed that the reason for his in-ring return was the illness that was going around WWE’s locker room that forced him to dust off his boots. The Game described it as WWE having to “over-deliver” for the fans because a major draw like Roman Reigns was out of action. However, his recent matches on the European tour shook off HHH’s ring rust to get back in the ring for WWE Survivor Series.

Triple Hs In Ring Return is In Question
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An upcoming match between Jinder Mahal and Triple H is also being promoted for WWE’s India tour next month. Over the last few weeks, The King of Kings has really been stepping up to deliver for the fans during a European tour and on PPV. It’s a surprise for him to be featured on WWE television in November, but it could just be that the WWE Universe has adapted to Triple H’s limited schedule over the past few years.

Considering all the rumors about WWE officials setting up Kurt Angle vs. Triple H for WrestleMania 34, it makes sense for both men to interact in some way at WWE Survivor Series to foreshadow a match if that is the direction they are headed. There has been speculation about a major rivalry between Kevin Owens and Triple H developing soon. It’s unclear if Triple H is back on WWE television for the long haul, but it’s very likely that he’ll want to keep the dust off his boots now that The Game has been in the ring for a few rounds.

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