'The Punisher' Star Jon Bernthal Gets Special 'Punisher' Comic Book Cover For War Machine Story

With Marvel's The Punisher show due out this coming Friday on Netflix, star actor Jon Bernthal will grace the cover of a special comic book issue. The new issue comes out this week; just in time for fans of the vigilante who are gearing up to binge on the hit series. It also features a first-time story that could become a popular key issue for fans of Punisher and other Marvel superhero lore. Here are the latest details of Bernthal's Punisher comic book cover, as well as what's expected to happen inside the new issue.

According to the website Flickering Myth, the brand new issue for Punisher #218 arrives on Wednesday at comic book stores across the country and online. It will feature the first part of the "Frank Castle: War Machine" story which has the two Marvel superheroes crossing paths. However, it doesn't appear they'll be fighting it out as Punisher did with Daredevil on Netflix. Instead, the biggest part of the story is that Punisher will put on the War Machine suit of armor to take the battle globally. War Machine is known as one of Iron Man's allies, who has been featured in the Marvel Iron Man and Avengers movies.

As with many of Marvel's comic books these days, there will be multiple covers for this new issue. The regular cover features a look at Punisher drawn with the War Machine suit on. The brand new issue is written by Matthew Rosenberg, with artwork by Guiu Villanova. Clayton Crain does the regular cover.There's also a special lenticular cover, which works sort of like a holographic image that changes when the comic book is tilted side to side. However, Jon Bernthal will be featured on an exclusive variant cover of his own. It is the Cover C Variant TV Cover, with a good shot of Bernthal dressed in the Punisher costume on the front of it.

A look at the cover was first shown online via tweeted photo (below), with the issue available to pre-order. It will be in many customer's hands as of Wednesday.

The new Punisher #218 issue sells for under $4 at most online and real-world comic book stores. With the potential for Bernthal to appear at future events, including comic conventions, it makes sense that fans who may want to pick up his autograph pick up a copy or two of the new book, which is already selling out at several online comic book shops.

Marvel's The Punisher series arrives on Netflix on Friday, November 17th, with all 13 episodes available for streaming.

[Featured Image by AP Images]