Cam Newton Of The Carolina Panthers On His Running Game: Don’t ‘Expect A Lion Not To Roar’

Cam Newton explained he would be running the football even more despite Carolina Panthers coach Ron Rivera’s initial concerns for Newton’s health and safety following his rotator cuff surgery last offseason. Cam kept his word, running 349 yards, as well as throwing for four touchdowns, in the Monday night game against the Miami Dolphins, according to Panthers Wire.

Cam Newton said it was just part of who he is to run with the ball as well as pass it. ESPN quotes the Carolina Panthers’ quarterback.

“That’s my edge. You going to expect a lion not to roar?”

The Carolina Panthers’ quarterback does roar quite a bit, but not without good reason. Cam Newton is a high energy person and his energy is contagious, according to the Panthers’ coach Ron Rivera.

Cam Newton is normally a big celebrator of long runs and touchdowns. Some criticize Newton by saying he is showboating, but Ron Rivera says the Carolina Panthers team is inspired by Cam Newton’s energy. Coach Rivera told ESPN the entire team’s energy seems to increase when the Panthers quarterback is running the ball.

“He can become infectious for us. Guys pick up on that energy level.”

The Carolina Panthers took the Miami Dolphins by storm with a 45-21 win on Monday Night Football. Cam Newton came just short of yet another touchdown in the third quarter with a 69-yard run that fell short of the end zone. See Cam’s 69-yard run at the five-minute mark of the video below.

For once Cam Newton was too exhausted to even celebrate the impressive run. Instead, the Carolina quarterback just stayed down for a moment and did a little shimmy on the ground after being tackled. The Carolina Panther’s quarterback is quoted on Panther’s Wire as follows.

“When you ain’t got no gas left, your check engine light is on… you just got to celebrate when you can celebrate.”

Carolina Panthers coach Ron Rivera’s concerns for Cam Newton are not without merit. The Carolina Panthers quarterback has been sacked or hit 922 times in his seven-year career. Cam Newton feels that running the ball is part of his best game strategy, and he won’t give the Carolina Panthers anything less than his best.

Cam Newton holds the record for being sacked in the NFL by a wide margin. Russ Wilson of Seattle ranks second with 615 sacks. Still, the Carolina Panthers quarterback wants to run the ball when he feels the game needs that.

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton makes an entrance in his pink paisley jacket
Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton makes an entrance in his pink paisley jacket {Image by Chuck Burton/AP Images

The Carolina Panthers quarterback was restricted from running in the first three games, but finally, Coach Ron Rivera said Cam Newton could run the ball. Cam has been averaging 9.1 carries in the six games prior to the Carolina Panther’s victory over the Miami Dolphins.

Cam Newton believes this season holds special importance for the Carolina Panthers. Newton told ESPN that the Carolina Panthers can do no wrong this season.

“You know, this being my seventh year, you’ve got that special feel for a season. With the veteran leadership we have, I feel as if we can’t do no wrong.”

Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers is roaring like a lion and expecting great things from the 2017-2018 season.

[Featured Image by Mike McCarn/AP Images]