John Travolta Accused Of Sexual Battery: 21-Year-Old Male Says Actor Groped Him, Revealed His Sexual Fantasies


John Travolta has been dragged in the sexual harassment cases gripping Hollywood today. The Grease actor’s sexual battery case filed by a 21-year-old male masseur has resurfaced, and his string of sex abuse toward males have re-emerged as well.

According to Radar Online, the incident happened on February 15, 2000, at the spa room of LaQuinta Hotel in Palm Springs, California. Based on the documents obtained by the publication, John Travolta asked for a deep body massage past midnight, and an unexpected “service” took place at the spa facility.

The unnamed masseur told police that during the massage session, John Travolta groped his buttocks and lewdly exposed himself a few times. The man also claimed that after giving the actor a citrus body scrub, Travolta expressed interest in him by saying he was very attractive and had gotten him excited.

On top of these acts, the masseur relayed that John Travolta also hinted about his homosexual fantasies and asked him to come to the steam room so he will not be alone. The man agreed to the request.

Inside, while the actor was completely nude, he asked the masseur if he could demonstrate his own massage techniques on him, and he agreed once again. As he lay on his stomach, the actor reached under the towel and started rubbing his inner thigh and buttocks.

The man started to get uncomfortable, so he quickly left the steam room and showered, but John Travolta followed him and asked if he wants his back soaped. It was not mentioned what happened next, but when the masseur went back to his client’s cubicle to clean the massage table, the actor asked suggestive questions, including what he would do “if he ever had a sexual encounter with another man.”

The masseur was so shocked by what had transpired that he reported the incident to the Palm Springs Sheriff’s Department. When the police visited the scene, the man expressed his wish to sue John Travolta for sexual battery, but in the end, no charges were filed.

Later, it was alleged that the actor’s ex-manager, the late Jonathan Krane, asked the hotel to persuade its employee to drop the case. It appears that this was the reason why no further investigation was conducted.

For years, John Travolta has been involved in rumors about his sexuality, and he was said to have a habit of hitting on men when he visits hotels, cruise ships, fitness clubs, and high-end spas. In 1990, there were also reports (via HuffPost) that he had a two-year affair with a gay porn producer, Paul Barresi.

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