Will Amy Winehouse’s Nose Drop Off?

Amy Winehouse has been battling horrible skin issues and wading through drug problems, but her problems are so far from over. I’m not a Winehouse hater, but I’m throwing this out there for the pure shock factor: her nose is rumored to be hanging by a thread. Commence gagging:

Amy’s persistent drug use has left the troubled star’s nose so “weak” she is concerned that it’s about to fall off. “Amy knows that her nose is next to fall apart — she admitted to me that it feels weak at the bone,” a source tells Fox News columnist Neil Sean. Amy herself has addressed the issue, [saying] “Yeah, it’s a problem, but it’s my problem so leave it.”

I don’t think I want to “leave it.” Amy needs some heavy-duty intervention and a good sobering look in the mirror. Poor girl.

Image: WireImage