Kim Kardashian Is Pregnant, Kanye West Says, Khloe K Confirms

Kim Kardashian is pregnant, Kanye West has confirmed on stage in Atlantic City.

The big reveal about Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy came from Kanye, as he dropped the major gossip on fans gathered to see him perform at Revel in Atlantic City.

According to attendees, Kanye reportedly said “stop the music” and told fans to “make some noise for my baby mama!”

One audience member tweeted the news that Kim Kardashian is pregnant, tweet embedded below. While Kanye is known for being a bit bombastic, the comment was quickly followed up by what seemed to be confirmation (sorry … konfirmation) from the Kardashian camp that Kim is indeed expecting and that she and Kanye will be proud parents sometime in 2012.

Since the announcement of the Kim Kardashian Kanye West baby came at a concert, few details are currently available about how long the pregnancy has been under wraps (probably not very), whether the pair plan to marry before the baby arrives, and when the baby — nicknamed by aunt Khloe as “Kimye” — is expected to make his or her diamond-studded arrival in the world.

The first tweet that quoted ‘Ye on stage calling Kim his “baby mama” read:

A music business associate of Kanye’s quickly congratulated the pair on Kim’s pregnancy, saying:

Lord Voldemort tweeted:

Kim’s sisters said:

And in honor of Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy, we have to add this Kanye masterpiece.