Where Was Meghan Markle During Prince Harry’s Appearance On Remembrance Sunday?

Meghan Markle was not present during Prince Harry’s appearance on Remembrance Sunday in the United Kingdom. Fans of the pair might be wondering why the Suits actress did not attend the British event. The explanation is not as far-fetched as some may think.

According to Westminster Abbey’s official website, Prince Harry kicked off the Royal British Legions 89th Field of Remembrance last Thursday on November 9, 2017. Many people attended the event, but royal girlfriend Meghan Markle was not in sight.

The prince took the time to talk with a couple of veterans after he laid a cross of remembrance in front of two graves of unknown British soldiers, who each fought in one of the World Wars. One veteran, Mr. Matt Weston, asked about the royal’s lovely girlfriend, reported Express UK. Prince Harry took the question to heart and joked that he would make sure Ms. Markle would attend next year’s ceremony.

Later that week, Meghan Markle was again not accounted for during the Remembrance Sunday service at Cenotaph in London. Her significant other received some backlash from the press when Daily Mail reported that Prince Harry was sporting a full beard during the event. Many have speculated that the British royal was rebelling at the time.

Before the rumor mill starts to speculate the meaning of Ms. Markle’s absence during the Remembrance events, however, it should be noted that the actress may have been busy filming the last episodes for Season 7 of Suits. In fact, the actress was spotted wearing a wedding dress over the weekend leading up to Remembrance Sunday. According to Hello! Magazine, Meghan Markle’s character on Suits, Rachel Zane, tied the knot with her love interest Mike Ross, portrayed by Patrick J. Adams over the weekend.

Aaron Korsh confirmed to Deadline before he shot the TV nuptials that Rachel and Mike would finally get married in Season 7 of Suits. The TV wedding was shot overnight at King Edward Hotel in Toronto the same weekend Prince Harry was in England for Remembrance Sunday.

The wedding might be the happy ending for Rachel Zane on the show as there is talk of Meghan Markle leaving after Season 7 wraps up. According to Deadline, the original cast’s contracts will expire by the end of this season and will have to be renewed if USA Network decides to push for more seasons of Suits.

If Ms. Markle does decide to leave the TV show, she will have more time on her hands, which raises the probability that she could attend other royal events alongside Prince Harry.

[Featured Image by Jordan Strauss/AP Images]