Real Reason Why Paige Didn’t Return To WWE Television Last Night

Paige hasn’t appeared on WWE programming for well over a year. Suspensions, injuries, leaked photos, and some issues in her personal life have kept her in the headlines, but the WWE Universe has been waiting for a long time to see the former WWE Divas Champion back inside a WWE ring. There is no question that her return to WWE television is imminent, but a lot of people were expecting that to happen last night on Raw.

Heading into this week’s edition, Team Raw only had four members for the Women’s Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match for the PPV this Sunday. However, Bayley won the Triple Threat Match between herself, Mickie James, and Dana Brooke. She’ll now join Alicia Fox, Sasha Banks, Nia Jax, and Asuka in the match against SmackDown Live. Unfortunately, this left a lot of fans disappointed that Paige didn’t return.

It’s being reported that WWE officials were on the fence between Bayley and Paige for the final spot. Bayley was chosen, but there are a couple of specific reasons why that happened. For example, WWE officials may not want to bring Paige back to WWE television until after the PPV, especially since Asuka is the one who is expected to have a major showing. However, there’s another rumor going around that Paige has some heat.

Paige May Not Make a Return To WWE This Summer
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Recently, Paige has been more active on social media and has openly been teasing her upcoming return to WWE. It has been said that the powers that be weren’t happy about Paige posting a picture with Alicia Fox on Instagram because it got too much attention. There is speculation that is the reason why WWE officials chose Bayley over Paige for WWE Survivor Series, but that likely won’t be confirmed before this weekend.

There is still the possibility of Paige heading to SmackDown Live. The WWE Universe will be watching the show tonight hopeful that is the case, but the former NXT Women’s Champion is more likely to return after WWE Survivor Series because she will be receiving a significant push on Raw or SmackDown Live. WWE fans just need to be patient for a little while longer so Paige can make her WWE return at the proper time.

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