Donald Trump’s Asia Tour: Recent Tweets

Trump in a tweet on Tuesday insists that the U.S. must be “treated fairly and in a reciprocal fashion” when it comes to trade. The American president labeled past trade deals as “horror shows,” implying that the U.S. has always been cheated prior to his administration.

Trump’s Asia trip has been viewed as successful, but this is in sharp contrast to his dealings at home. The president’s approval rating continues to drop amid concerns about tax reform. The Russia probe continues to haunt him as many of his allies are investigated.

Trump’s obvious strength seems to be business, and his desire for better trade deals for the U.S. is evident in his recent tweets. However, the U.S. as a global leader is taking a different direction under President Donald Trump’s administration. As part of his campaign promises, Trump continues to put Americal first, making American interest his number one priority.

The American president seems to be admired by Asian leaders; CNN’s coverage of Trump’s Asia trip has noted the compliments he received from Asian leaders. But, the refusal to use a direct approach with Russia and the Philippines is worrisome for political analysts. However, what he lacks in policy he seems to be making up for in economics.

Trump also tweeted that he has made many “good friends” during his visit to Asia. There are many issues the U.S. needs to deal with in Asia, but success for Trump seems to be “fair trade deals” as he affirms with his latest tweets. Eurasia Group founder and President Ian Bremmer considers Trump’s Asia tour a success in this regard.

There are mixed reactions and diverse opinions about the achievements of the president’s trip to Asia. According to Bloomberg, the president’s continuous reference to the region as “Indo-Pacific” and not “Asia” or “Asia Pacific” like Obama gives some insight into the direction of this administration.

Trump’s “America first” rhetoric was evident during his trip to Asia, but America cannot shy away from international issues. The president in another tweet promised to make a major statement on his return to the White House.

Donald proposes fair trade for the U. s.
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This press briefing will hopefully elaborate the achievements of his visit to Asia and the policy thrust of his administration in the region. Trump’s achievements in trade may also be highlighted as he has emphasized in his recent tweets.

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