Parents Livid White High School Student Cameron Terrell In Class After Being Charged With Murder Of Black Man

A handful of California parents are reportedly furious that that 18-year-old accused murderer, suspected gang member, and Palos Verdes High School student Cameron Terrell is being allowed to attend classes, despite being charged with murder in connection with the October 1st shooting death of 21-year-old Justin Holmes. According to investigators, the murder of Holmes was a brazen, gang-related daytime shooting, and, as Fox13Now reported, while Terrell is not suspected of pulling the trigger, he’s been accused of driving the getaway car and was formally charged with murder, two counts of premeditated attempted murder and enhancement allegations for his alleged role in the crime.

According to witnesses and investigators, Holmes was walking with two acquaintances when they were approached by two juveniles (one of them armed) on October 1 in Southern Los Angeles. The juveniles reportedly asked where Holmes and his companions were from and what gang they belonged to before one of them fired multiple shots, killing Justin Holmes – the duo then allegedly fled the scene with Cameron Terrell acting as their getaway driver. Holmes’ friends managed to escape the altercation with their lives.

Because the other two suspects in the case are juveniles, they have not been publicly identified yet. However, as the LAPD is in the process of transferring the case to the adult system, that could change in the near future. Cameron Terrell was arrested on October 12 for his alleged role in the crime and released just days later on October 19.

The Cameron Terrell murder case has garnered significant attention due to the races and socio-economic statuses of the victim and suspect, according to BET. Terrell is white and affluent, while Justin Holmes was neither. What’s more, while Terrell is reportedly known to belong to a predominantly Black gang in Los Angeles, his alleged victim had no such gang affiliations. Even so, Terrell was able to post bail less than a week after his arrest – he was then photographed at a Dodgers game with his parents almost immediately thereafter. According to Attorney John Raphling, it’s “rare” for a gang-related murder suspect to be allowed to roam freely, as Terrell has apparently been allowed to do.

“Having bailed out, he will have so many advantages in fighting this case that the others presumably remaining in custody will not have. It will be easier to meet with his attorney. He’ll be able to show up in court in his own clothing. He’ll be able to walk through the front door with jurors. His preparation will be less pressured. He’ll be able to get a good night’s sleep before court.”

On top on being legally able to travel to high-profile sporting events at will, 18-year-old murder suspect Cameron Terrell hasn’t even been formally kicked out of (or suspended from) his high school for his alleged violent crimes. Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District officials have confirmed to local media that Terrell attended classes as recently as last week – although he was notably absent Monday when several parents informally protested his presence in the classroom with their children.

Some parents believe that Cameron Terrell’s presence at Palos Verdes High School not only sends the wrong message, but that it also endangers the welfare of their children. Rod Uyeda, an ex-Manhattan Beach police Chief and Palos Verdes High School dad, doesn’t believe that Terrell (an adult charged with murder) has any business attending high school with his children, or the rest of the 3,000 or so students enrolled at the school.

“I do believe, and I’d like to talk to the principal, that the education code does support his suspension so that he can focus on his studies at home.”

Uyeda added that gang retaliation at the school is a real possibility, given Terrell’s alleged affiliation, and the potential of violence puts his children and all students in attendance at real risk of physical harm.

“They shoot up funerals. They shoot up schools. They shoot up people’s homes. They really don’t care who they hit.”

Uyeda and other parents who showed up Monday to protest want to see 18-year-old Cameron Terrell banned from campus while he faces the music surrounding his gang-related murder and attempted murder charges. Other parents claim that school administration personnel have told them that the district is dealing with “tied hands” when it comes to keeping adult murder suspect Terrell out of class.

Both the school and district have declined media requests for comment on the matter, however local media is reporting that a deal has been struck to ensure that murder suspect Cameron Terrell completes high school education at an “off site location” in response to public outcry.

While awaiting his November 29 arraignment for the murder of Justin Holmes, Cameron Terrell is living in comfort at his $1.8 million, 3,871-square-foot family home.

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