‘Dragon Ball Super’ Teases The Defeat Of Kale And Caulifla


Dragon Ball Super fandom is still split about the powerful fusion of Kale and Caulifla in the Tournament of Power. The latest episode has showcased the battle of the Saiyans, where the two female warriors fused using the Potara earrings, becoming the powerful Kafla. Everyone was stunned by the girl’s strength, but some fans were not thrilled about it.

Goku was kicked out of his Super Saiyan Blue form when the girl suddenly transported behind him and gave him a surprise kick. SSB was beaten, but that doesn’t mean the Ultra Instinct is closer to it as it looks like the hero is going to knock Kafla down. On Twitter, Ken Xyro shared his English translation of the titles and synopsis of Dragon Ball Super Episodes 115 to 118.

What hypes a lot of fans is that the upcoming episode of Dragon Ball Super might have Kafla eliminated during her battle against Goku. The synopsis of Episode 117 somehow suggests that the girl might be taken down by the hero, who already transformed into Ultra Instinct. As a result, the hero’s stamina gets weakened.

“Ribrianne and others of Universe 2 rushes in to attack Goku, who activated UI, and ran out of energy as a result.”

Cabba previously said that Kale and Caulifla are the secret weapons of his team, which is the reason why he did not let them fight Monna of Universe 4. It turned out to be true following the fusion of the two female warriors. However, as what Comic Book points out, the thrill might fall short as Goku will possibly eliminate Kafla after going Ultra Instinct.

The description says that the hero runs out of stamina following his UI transformation, which means that he uses it in full strength that will eventually defeat the girl. If it happens, then Goku is hitting two birds with one stone. As what the Dragon Ball Super synopsis suggests, Goku’s stamina will be depleted once again following his Ultra Instinct transformation to fight Kafla.

Goku’s strength has been waning since his backbreaking battle against Jiren The Grey, which annoys Lord Beerus that he had to fight again in full power. This only means that Kafla is not someone to mess with when it comes to fighting as Goku went beyond his limit to go UI. The girl fusion must be too powerful as she was able to take down SSB, but she might have to face her unfortunate fate soon against the new transformation.

Super Saiyan Goku fights Kale and Caulifla
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