Kenya Moore Single Due To Pregnancy? Matt Speaks Out

Kenya Moore has revealed a desire to have her own child, and she knows that she's been pushing the date for a while. Moore was trying to wait until she had found her Prince Charming, but he never came. Even though Moore has found Matt Jordan, it may be too early for him to get Kenya pregnant. But he fully stands by her decision to get pregnant with donor sperm. These days, several rumors are circulating that Matt has left Kenya behind, possibly over the pregnancy.

According to a new Bravo report, Kenya Moore hasn't said anything about the breakup rumors -- possibly because she's used to various rumors about her. But Matt isn't too happy that he's being labeled as a man who runs from a woman who may be pregnant, even though the child isn't his.

"No, I am still with my queen and I have no intentions on ever breaking up with that woman," Matt told Real Mr. Housewife, adding, "She has my heart and I have hers." The breakup report supposedly surfaced from MediaTakeOut, and the report claimed that Kenya was now going to be a single mother. However, Matt stands by her woman.

"Furthermore, any child that she has by me or a donor (as you guys say), also will still be mine! I would cherish and take care of any child that she has," Matt explains of his relationship with Kenya.

It sounds like he has no plans of breaking up with Moore -- pregnant or not. Phaedra Parks did start spreading rumors about Kenya being pregnant a few weeks ago when she was doing a radio show. On the first part of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion, Andy Cohen asked her if she was expecting a child. Moore didn't say yes or no, but rather said that she couldn't say anything right now.

It's no secret that she has a desire to become a mother, as she has previously pursued a pregnancy without a man in her life. Kenya Moore's family members questioned her decision, but it sounds like she's ready to make the leap. She has previously revealed that she wanted to do the testing and the possibly insemination when she wasn't filming The Real Housewives of Atlanta, as this would give her time to get through the first trimester. Plus, the testing schedule would conflict with filming. In her blog for this week, Kenya does dance around the issue, sharing that she will reveal her pregnancy if and when the doctors say it's okay.

"If I were pregnant it would be a high risk pregnancy due to my age. I feel more comfortable if and when my doctors feel I am in a safe stage to confirm a pregnancy. I appreciate all the amazing fans who are wishing me well. It feels good to know everyone is rooting for me and my happiness," Kenya Moore has revealed according to Bravo.

One can imagine that Moore isn't too happy with Phaedra dishing out her secret without asking her. Parks had gone on a radio show and revealed that Kenya was expecting a baby. She essentially took the joy of sharing the news from Moore. Kenya didn't address this on the reunion special, but one can imagine that it may come up during the second part of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion special. The drama is just getting started.

What do you think of Matt standing by Kenya Moore even though she's possibly pregnant with a donor? Are you surprised that Kenya hasn't talked about the pregnancy, given she could possibly be expecting?

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