‘Fortnite’ PvE Chest Bug Fixed In New Update, Compensation Coming After Patch 1.9

After each PvE match in Fortnite, players are rewarded with a chest based on the team’s performance during the session. Exploring the entire map, staying within build limits, completing the given objective, and other goals increase the level of the chest rewarded. Reward chests in Fortnite have different tiers with lower tiers offering fewer rewards. These reward chests often contain the People currency, materials, different types of experience, and other items useful to the PvE experience.

All chests will contain whatever mission reward is displayed before a match is started. A higher tier chest will reward players with more. For instance, a level five chest will have a higher quantity of the reward over a level two version. Since its release in early access, Fortnite players have noted that these chests are being incorrectly rewarded at the end of a session. For example, a team will earn a level five chest as indicated at the completion of a mission but all players receive a level four chest after the victory screen.

Two weeks ago, Epic Games developers acknowledged the chest bug on the game’s Reddit page. Previously the issue was thought to be a visual error but it was confirmed that Fortnite players were receiving the wrong rewards as well. Tomorrow, this issue will be fixed ensuring that PvE players receive the correct tier of chest after a mission.

Fortnite PvE chest bug fixed, compensation due out after patch
Game performance should be better when several traps are placed. [Image by Epic Games]

The fix for the chest bug is listed in this week’s patch notes alongside several other bug fixes for the Save the World PvE campaign. It is also noted on the game’s website that Fortnite players will be compensated for the loss of rewards due to the chest bug. At this time, it is unclear what type of compensation players will receive. The compensation will be delivered after the 1.9 update, though.

A number of backpack bugs are fixed in the 1.9 patch, and Adrenaline Rush should now properly resurrect players again. Elemental enemies have new art, Troll Loot Truck llamas reward the correct amount of event currency, and overall performance is improved when there are lots of traps deployed.

PvE players can continue grinding Hexsylvania missions for candy. The candy currency can then be used to buy free Fortnitemares llamas with unique survivors and other goodies inside. The Halloween event is extended until November 29. As the Inquisitr reported, a previous patch made quest drops more frequent, letting Fortnite players finish the event quest line quicker than before.

[Featured Image by Epic Games]