Casino denies man $166m jackpot after slot malfunction

The Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Tampa has settled with a guest for an undisclosed sum after an erroneous slot machine result lead the man to believe he’d won $166 million on Sunday.

Bill Seebeck was playing $4 slots at the Seminole Hard Rock and after spending about $80 on a Bally Ultimate Party Spin, Seebeck won what he thought was a massive jackpot. But after an hour of casino brouhaha and planning how he’d spend his massive win, casino officials told him that the win was faulty and he wouldn’t receive any money. They even tried to get him to agree in writing that he’d not be receiving anything for the false win.

While Seebeck originally indicated that he was seeking a lawyer to represent him regarding the incident, the Seminole Hard Rock Casino released a statement indicating that they’d offered Seebeck a “good faith” settlement and that he’d accepted:

The Seminole Hard Rock Casino Tampa has made an offer to William Seebeck, and he has accepted, recognizing that the slot machine he was playing on Sunday malfunctioned, in what can be best described to the layman as a “computer glitch.” The maximum payout on the Ultimate Party Spin machine played by Seebeck is $99,000, although his bet of $1.50 at the time of the malfunction could have generated a maximum payout of only $2,500, with the right combination. Determination of a malfunction was made by representatives of the machine’s manufacturer and software provider, according to established gaming industry standards, with confirmation from an independent third-party laboratory analysis. The casino has opted to settle this matter for an undisclosed amount as a good faith gesture, and we look forward to welcoming Mr. Seebeck on future visits.

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