Jenelle Evans Is Back On Twitter: Followers Immediately Share Concerns Over Ensley's Health

Jenelle Evans decided to delete her social media account on Twitter after MTV warned her about a potentially upsetting episode of Teen Mom 2. Maybe Evans knew what was coming, or perhaps she was completely surprised to see herself be labeled in such a bad way. Regardless, Jenelle wasn't happy with the way she and her husband were being portrayed on the show, and she deleted her Twitter account in protest. The angry feelings do carry over into the Teen Mom 2 reunion special, which airs tonight on MTV.

Despite Jenelle's decision to delete Twitter, she remained active on Instagram and Facebook. Here, she shared happy moments with her family, her kids, and pictures from her wedding. While some fans were begging her to come back to Twitter, others felt it was good for her to take some time away. For once, they could see a positive Jenelle who just wanted to focus on her children. However, according to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is back on Twitter and she decided to announce the news with a single tweet.

"Hello Twitter," Jenelle wrote on the social network, announcing her return this week to Twitter -- a move that many of her fans had been waiting for.

While Jenelle may have enjoyed her time away from the social network, it sounds like her fans were more than ready to have her back. Her followers picked up the drama where it left off. On her tweet announcing her return to the show, Evans' followers immediately started sharing their concerns about Ensley. Before Jenelle deleted her Twitter account, several people were worried about Ensley's head, as it seemed rather flat. This is common for some babies, as their skulls are soft and will change shape when they are laying on their backs for long periods of time. But many of Jenelle's followers have hinted that Ensley's head is flat because she's a bad mother, and it seems rude to inform Evans of this the moment she's back on Twitter.

"Ensley's medical conditions or lack thereof is none of anyone's business. That's like when someone has a disability sticker on their vehicle and you ask them what their disability is because you can't clearly see one. None of your damn business. So move on," one person wrote to a follower who posted a photo of deformed baby skulls, hinting that Ensley should be checked, to which the follower replied, "I can clearly see it. So can everybody else."

It has been months since Ensley was filmed where the skull was oddly shaped, and the pictures Jenelle have shared on social media are rather old. Evans hasn't revealed whether her daughter got to wear a helmet, so it is possible that her daughter's head is still a bit flat on the back. Evans is still sharing photos of her daughter online, but they are often front-facing photos where fans can't see the back of her head. Maybe Evans is trying to send her fans a message about her daughter.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans' return to Twitter? Are you surprised that people are lashing out at her for Ensley's skull so quickly after her return to the social network?

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]