Joe Biden Hints To 2020 Run As ‘SNL’ Jabs At Democrat’s Same Old Faces In Spoof Ad

Joe Biden, who will turn 75 later this month, has hinted at the possibility of a run at the White House in 2020, but he seemed to take the latest buzz into consideration when he threw out a few contingencies regarding tossing his hat in the 2020 race. Over the weekend Saturday Night Live highlighted a major problem for the Democratic Party and while this was done via a comedy skit, its foundation was based in truth, according to many critiques that surfaced after this spoof.

Hot Air reports that Saturday Night Live delivered one funny clip this weekend, which they describe as “SNL mocks Democrats as being old and out of touch in a hilarious skit.” The skit “hit a little too close to home for party loyalists,” suggests Hot Air, but they were not alone with that thought. Fox & Friends Weekend saw the truth in the skit as well.

The spoof offered by Saturday Night Live was “fashioned as a DNC ad paid for by Mark Cuban that inadvertently highlights the party’s serious identity problems.” That clip is seen in the video above, which plays out like a political commercial.

The Saturday Night Live mock political ad was an immediate hit mostly because people saw this as a jab that was truth-based. The Democratic Party needs fresh faces and without that their chances of making any headway in 2020 don’t look very promising, this was the consensus among the Sunday morning Fox & Friends Weekend discussions on the skit. One of the guests on Fox Sunday morning was Mike Huckabee and he suggested that the major players in the Democratic Party are looking more like a list from the AARP as most of the recognizable names are just south of turning 80. As Hot Air suggests, “The Democrats keep trotting out the same old faces in an attempt to persuade voters to join them.”

Apparently, this fact did not escape Joe Biden when he sat down for an interview with Snapchat’s Good Luck America, which is scheduled to be released on Tuesday morning. A preview of this interview revealed Biden’s thoughts on a 2020 run for the White House, according to USA Today. Biden won’t rule out a run at the White House, but he sees a need for fresh blood in the Democratic Party.

Biden said that he is not sure if a run at the White House would be the right thing for him or the party. “I’m just not sure if it is an appropriate thing for me to do,” said Biden. He shared that he has no plans to run but if “no one steps up,” Biden said he’d be open to giving it another try. “I’m not doing anything to run,” he said. “I’m not taking names, I’m not raising money, I’m not talking to anybody, but something’s got to happen.”

[Featured Image by Andrew Harnik/AP Images]