Lesnar Vs. Styles And The Shield Look Like The Pick Of The 2017 WWE 'Survivor Series' Card

Alan Ewart

The WWE network has long promoted the annual Survivor Series as one of the four big WWE PPV events of the year. The format of the Survivor Series is a good one, the five-on-five elimination battles are top entertainment, and the idea of pitting the Monday Night Raw roster against the SmackDown Live roster is appealing. Having the Raw and Smackdown champions face each other in a battle for supremacy should also provide real interest for fans of WWE wrestling.

The Survivor Series card should be packed with exciting clashes, but according to Bleacher Report, the WWE creative team has fallen short with this year's event. They argue that the WWE "have not mastered the concept of a brand warfare supershow." They claim that the Survivor Series card is full of "bizarre bookings," and that the elimination matches are irrelevant in the current WWE setup.

Bleacher Report also speculates that the biggest match on the Survivor Series card may be one that has not yet been announced. The WWE network has been teasing the reformation of The Shield for months. Much of the promotion for the recent TLC PPV centered on a reunion for the Shield brothers, but sadly, Roman Reigns' ill health meant that The Shield reunion was postponed.

According to The Sun, Reigns has now recovered from viral meningitis, and The Shield reunion will finally happen this Sunday in Houston. The Shield vs. The New Day will reportedly top the Survivor Series card.

Of course, there is another match on the 2017 Survivor Series card that is sure to provide fight fans with plenty of excitement. Brock Lesnar vs. AJ Styles is a huge match. With Lesnar's power competing against Styles' craft and guile, this match should have something for everyone, especially given that we thought that Lesnar would be facing Jinder Mahal.

Styles is frequently described as the WWE's best wrestler, but he had been kept away from the WWE Championship belt as Mahal went on a lengthy run as champion. Forbes said that the WWE was right to end "what was a boring title reign for Mahal that critics say have placed him among WWE's worst world champs ever." Styles took the WWE Championship belt after beating Mahal on last week's SmackDown tour of Europe.

Many would agree that Brock Lesnar vs. AJ Styles is a more enticing proposition than Lesnar vs. Mahal. We shall find out when the 2017 Survivor Series rolls into the Toyota Center Houston on Sunday.

[Featured Image by WWE]