The Eight Percent: Sleeping Naked Is One Of The Rarer Sleep Quirks, Survey Reveals

Do you sleep naked? It’s okay, we won’t tell — but less than ten percent of Americans spend their time in zzz-land in the buff.

If you’re one of the eight percent, you’re not alone — and a new survey reveals the habits of Americans in bed for slumber purposes, including the perhaps-surprising revelation that a precious few of us are sleep nudists.

The survey included more than 3,700 Americans, who dished on their sleep habits from sleep attire to dream content and sleep position. Home furnishings retailer Anna’s Linens reached out to those surveyed for a sleep habits study ahead of National Sleep Day, which is January 3.

In a news release, the retailer disclosed the findings of the survey, and said of sleep that “chances are you’re doing it on your side, in your pajamas, and between 10:00-11:00 on a Sunday night, according to a new national sleep survey.”

The first finding is that 74 percent of respondents wear pajamas to bed, with eight percent nude — which makes us ask the obvious question, what do the other 18 percent sleep in, costumes?

A lucky 10 percent of those questioned get a restful night’s sleep nightly, but if you don’t, don’t feel bad — 65 percent of people said it only happens three nights a week or less for them. How come? Nearly half of respondents share a bed with someone who snores, for starters.

Couple Sleeping on Opposite Sides of Bed

Of the survey’s results, Alan Gladstone , founder and CEO of Anna’s Linens, said that the nude sleepers came as the biggest surprise — but that Anna’s Linens has you covered:

“We were surprised 8 percent of our respondents admitted to sleeping naked … For that group, we suggest our 100 percent Egyptian cotton sheets. They feel great against the skin.”

Are you part of the eight percent, occupying your bed naked?