‘NCIS’ Season 15: Will Series Get Renewed For More Episodes?

NCIS has already said goodbye to many of the show’s original and favorite cast members, with Pauley Perrette, who plays Abby, being the latest one to confirm her exit. After news of Perrette’s imminent departure broke out, fans can’t help but wonder whether NCIS will continue on or will have more seasons after Season 15.

The great thing about NCIS is that it remains to be loved by the audiences. It is evident since the show has reached more than 300 episodes. On Tuesday, the series will have its 338th episode, titled “Voices.” Note that not a lot of TV series can make it that far – but NCIS somehow did. But since Michael Weatherly’s exit, and now Perrette, many of the avid watchers believe that the CBS series could end soon.

However, there are three reasons, according to Carter Matt, that NCIS could achieve what long-running series like Law & Order: Special Victims Unit has achieved. The latter is currently airing its 20th season and recently aired its 416th episode.

NCIS Ratings Remain Strong

Although NCIS ratings for Season 15 are not soaring as high as previous seasons, the series remains to be world’s most-watched drama on TV. That alone signifies that there are millions of people who are watching and will continue to support the show. This could also mean that a renewal is possible.


More stories

One might think how NCIS will bring something different to the table if it continues on after Season 15. But there are so much more stories that the show can tell. There can be plenty of source material to base an episode on since the series show stories that are inspired by real-life events. There are different stories from all over the world and writers might just get their inspiration from them.

Original Cast

Although fan-favorite Weatherly is already out and Perrette’s making an inevitable exit from NCIS, some of the equally loved core cast members remain and fans still want to see more of them in the future. Mark Harmon, Sean Murray, Brian Dietzen, and David McCallum are still on the show. While Harmon is the subject of rampant exit rumors, neither the actor nor producers have made an official announcement on his involvement in the future seasons of NCIS.

As of the moment, producers or the network has yet to make an official renewal or cancellation announcement for NCIS. Will the show be able to reach 400 episodes? No one knows for now and fans will just have to continue watching the series and wait for more updates.

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