NFC Playoff Standings 2017: Philadelphia Eagles, New Orleans Saints, Minnesota Vikings Continue Winning

The 2017 NFC playoff standings have four teams at the top that just keep winning games. The Philadelphia Eagles, New Orleans Saints, Minnesota Vikings, and Los Angeles Rams haven’t lost a game in a month. Each of the four division leaders has won at least four straight games, with the Eagles and Saints currently on seven-game winning streaks. Some definite separation is taking place in the updated NFL standings, showing that the “Super Bowl favorites” in the NFC are starting to emerge from the pack.

The Week 10 NFL scores certainly showcased a few of the contending teams in the NFC. That included the New Orleans Saints beating the Buffalo Bills, 47-10, as running back Mark Ingram went for 131 yards and three touchdowns on the ground. Suddenly, the Saints are more than just a passing team relying on quarterback Drew Brees, with Ingram and Adrian Peterson running at will. The Saints are clearly a very dangerous team that continues to improve as the season progresses.

Other games directly affecting the 2017 NFC playoff standings included the Atlanta Falcons beating the Dallas Cowboys (27-7), the Minnesota Vikings beating the Washington Redskins (38-30), and the Seattle Seahawks beating the Arizona Cardinals (22-16). In fact, none of the top six teams in the NFC lost during Week 10 games, with the Carolina Panthers scheduled to play on Monday night (November 13) against the Miami Dolphins. That’s an important game for the NFC South and the Wild Card standings.

Breaking down the 2017 NFC playoff standings, the Philadelphia Eagles (8-1) and New Orleans Saints (7-2) are the top two seeds and would receive first-round byes if the season ended today (November 12). The other division leaders currently holding home field advantage in the first round are the Minnesota Vikings (7-2) and Los Angeles Rams (7-2). The two NFC Wild Card teams are the Seattle Seahawks (6-3) and Carolina Panthers (6-3).

The current first-round NFC playoff matches would be Minnesota vs. Carolina and Los Angeles vs. Seattle. Those would be great matchups, with two NFC West opponents facing off immediately. The Saints, Vikings, and Rams all have the same records, but the tiebreakers currently favor the Saints at this early juncture. That could all shift in the next few weeks, but that is how everything looks through Sunday of Week 10.

Teams a bit lower in the 2017 NFC playoff standings are the Dallas Cowboys (5-4), Atlanta Falcons (5-4), Detroit Lions (5-4), and Green Bay Packers (5-4). One or two teams could supplant the Seahawks and Panthers as Wild Card holders based on Week 11 game results. For now, though, they are on the outside looking in, with some must-win games coming up.

[Featured Image by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images]