Transgender Trump Supporter Proves You Can't Wear A Trump Hat In Hollywood: Blaire White Attacked [Video]

Monika Zoltany

The video, which has been demonetized, shows Blaire and her boyfriend, Joey, "doing a social experiment video" where they walk around Hollywood wearing Trump hats. The couple starts in West Hollywood during the day and go to a popular gay bar, but don't experience any discrimination. Blaire comments that nobody bothered them.

"The gays are pretty polite."

Cops quickly intervene and separate the man from Blaire. She shows the camera that her nail has been ripped off during the attack. Then, Blaire runs into a fan who comments that she "watched her whole transition" and they take a selfie together.

In the next part of the video, Blaire is talking to the camera about the attack when a random passerby throws a glass of alcohol in her face. The assailant runs away. Blaire is completely drenched. She picks up her MAGA hat and they go home.

Blaire and Joey end the video at home, commenting about their experience. Joey says, "You definitely can't wear a Trump hat in Hollywood."

Many of Blaire's videos have been demonetized, meaning that ads no longer run on her videos and so she no longer receives any monetary revenue from them. This makes Blaire one of the many YouTubers outspoken against censorship by YouTube and its parent company, Google. Less than a month ago, educational site PragerU brought an official lawsuit against YouTube and Google for illegally discriminating against conservative videos by censoring them. Founder Dennis Prager called it an attempt by Google to "restrict non-left political thought."

"Google/YouTube censorship is entirely ideologically driven."

[Featured Image by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]