'Alaska: The Last Frontier' Star Atz Lee's Fall Called 'Negligence' By Resort That Kilcher Is Suing

Georgia Makitalo

Atz Lee Kilcher, star of Alaska: The Last Frontier, is accused of "negligence" by the Alaskan resort that he is suing. Kilcher experienced a devastating fall, which required a lifesaving Medivac, and months of recovery time from multiple injuries and fractures. What is the latest on the Atz Lee lawsuit?

In October, Atz Lee Kilcher star of the reality show, Alaska: The Last Frontier, sued the Otter Cove Resort in Homer Alaska for $100,000 due to "massive damages" that he incurred when hiking on their property on August 11, 2015.

According to The Blast, the documents accuse Otter Cove Resort of being guilty of negligence, in particular the drop off that was "inadequate guarded and/or warned of sudden precipitous edge of the land/drop. It is deceptive and dangerous."

In addition, the documents lay blame on Otter Cove Resort, because they "failed to adequately warn of and/or provide measures to prevent guest and other individuals … from falling over the precipice at the resort."

Jewel's brother sustained multiple injuries over his entire body. They included two collapsed lungs, multiple rib fractures, a fractured left shoulder, right hip, ankle fractures, and a right scapular fracture.

His fall, and subsequent recovery was broadcast on the Discovery show, Alaska: The Last Frontier. Fans of the show could see how dangerous his injuries were to his survival and the survival of this family, as his accident was during the time of year that they must hunt in order to have an adequate food supply over the long winter.

Otter Cove Resorts has now responded to Kilcher's lawsuit. According to recent court documents, reported by The Blast, the Homer, Alaska resort has said that they "deny any liability, responsibility, or negligence."

They went on to say that Atz Lee was enjoying outdoor recreational activities on the property of the resort, and if he sustained any injuries, it was due to his own neglect, and not the responsibility of the resort.

Meanwhile, Atz Lee is joining his sister Jewel, along with brother Nikos Kilcher, and their father, Atz Kilcher on the Handmade tour. The singing family will start out in Las Vegas on November 24, and the tour will run through December 21, finishing in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

The show not only promises music, but stories about the Kilcher family Christmas on the Homestead in Alaska.

What do you think of the Otter Cove Resort's accusations that Atz Lee was negligent, and that they deny any liability? Do you think that the fall that Atz Lee suffered could be expected because of the rugged Alaskan terrain?

[Featured Image by Discovery Channel]