Seattle Seahawks Rumors: Russell Wilson & Team Facing Penalty For Violation Of Concussion Protocol

The Seattle Seahawks rumors are that the team will be facing a serious penalty over a violation of NFL policy during this past week’s victory in Arizona. The incident arrives after the team won the game over the Cardinals, but did so with Russell Wilson not getting proper clearance to check back into the game at one point. Here are the latest details on the Seattle Seahawks’ situation and what sort of penalty may be coming their way.

On Sunday, ESPN‘s Adam Schefter indicated that Seattle violated the NFL’s concussion protocol in their game against the Arizona Cardinals. The issue stems from the fact that Russell Wilson never went to the locker room to get cleared by a team doctor and an independent physician before he made his return to the game.

The play which caused the concern happened during the third quarter when Wilson was hit under the chin by Arizona’s Karlos Dansby. After Wilson had been taken out of the game for examination, he didn’t go through the necessary requirement to be allowed back in. The league requires several tests by various personnel which Wilson didn’t participate in. Still, the team had him re-enter the game against protocol, which will bring a penalty within the next several weeks.

Russell Wilson concussion protocol issue
The Seahawks' Russell Wilson failed to undergo concussion tests before re-entering the team's game this past week. [Image by AP Images]

It’s mentioned that even though Wilson hadn’t shown signs of a concussion the referee decided to have him sent off the field for a test. NFL referees hold the right to make that call in games as protection of players from concussions has become a necessary aspect of the NFL today. The league even added a blue tent this season on the sidelines where players can be evaluated via the initial concussion test in private.

The Seahawks ended up with a 22-16 win, with Wilson throwing 238 yards and two touchdowns on a 22-for-32 passing performance. There were no reports post-game about Wilson suffering any injuries or effects after the hit during the third quarter.

It’s been noted that the NFL and NFL Players Association have yet to conduct interviews with the Seahawks. However, they’ll do so early this week and then have a decision over the “next couple of weeks” ESPN reported via their source.

In terms of a possible penalty, the team is looking at a large fine. It could be as much as $150,000 levied against the Seattle Seahawks, but it remains to be seen what sort of penalty is going to come their way.

Right now, the Seattle Seahawks are sitting at 6-3 overall which has them in second place in the NFC West. The Los Angeles Rams currently hold the top spot at 6-2 and are on a three-game winning streak. Seattle’s next game will be a Monday Night Football home game on November 20th as they host the Atlanta Falcons.

[Image by Ross D. Franklin/AP Images]