‘Saturday Night Live’ Bestiality Dolphin Sex Sketch Is Based On A True Story [Video]

Saturday Night Live tackled a taboo subject with its recent sketch titled “The Dolphin Who Learned to Speak – SNL.” The below video has gained nearly 70,000 views, as it portrays female scientists who claimed that their attempts to teach a dolphin to speak were thwarted by the dolphin’s sexual urges. That’s when the Saturday Night Live characters described getting an idea to satisfy the dolphin sexually first, in order to get his focus back on learning to speak. The dolphin ended up being no good, joked the sketch writers because the dolphin only learned to say “hand” and “now” and things related to the sex act.

Whereas the sketch seemed outlandish, it was a dolphin skit pulled directly from the headlines. The Mirror article titled “My fling with Dolly the Dolphin: Writer says lovesick mammal killed herself after six-month affair ended,” described what writer Malcolm Brenner documented as his own and Margaret Howe Lovatt’s “love affair” with dolphins that ended in tragedy. Although the then 63-year-old Brenner spoke about Lovatt’s admission of sexual relations with a dolphin during a scientific study and his own as “normal,” bestiality, which is “sexual relations between a human being and a lower animal,” is considered anything but normal.

Malcolm spoke about his sexual connection with Dolly the dolphin, which began in 1971 in Florida at an amusement park, claiming the dolphin flirted with him. After the park closed one day and the dolphin’s male companion had been placed elsewhere, Malcolm had sex with the dolphin. Brenner wrote a book named Wet Goddess about the melee and claimed that Margaret should have spoken about her own sexual relations with a dolphin sooner.

Malcolm called the dolphin very aware as he spoke about “making love” with the dolphin after initially claiming he discouraged the dolphin’s advances. After the dolphin died, Brenner said he plunged into a deep depression that lasted five years. Dolly was moved away from Malcolm, and he believes that the dolphin committed suicide because she chose to stop breathing on her own. Since bestiality was just made illegal in Florida in 2011, Brenner did not break any laws. Malcolm also admitted to sexual acts with a dog.

[Featured Image by Kebrun/Shutterstock]