'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Sami Enlists Ben To Bring Will's Memories Back, Recreate Murder Scene

Days of Our Lives spoilers for November reveal that Sami Brady will do anything she possibly can to bring her son back to her. When Sami finally finds Will Horton alive, she'll be thrilled, but her excitement will turn to devastation when she finds out that Will has no memory of her or his former life in Salem.

According to the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers and news, Will Horton will be completely different when he's found in Memphis. He'll believe he's EJ DiMera, and that Susan Banks is his mother. However, what Will doesn't remember about his real mother is that Sami will go to any lengths for her children, and that is exactly what she'll do when she seeks the help of Will's murderer, Ben Weston.

Sami will seek out Ben and demand that he help her remind Will of his former life in Salem. Days of Our Lives viewers will see a shocking scene play out when Sami forces Ben to recreate Will's murder in hopes of bringing back the painful, yet real, memories of Will's life before he was resurrected and brainwashed by Susan Banks.

As many DOOL fans may remember, Ben strangled Will to death in his apartment in one of the creepiest and most disturbing scenes in Days of our Lives history. Ben overpowered Will while ranting and raving like a madman as the glow of a neon light from outside of the window lit the scene for the murder. Ben then took out his weapon of choice, a standard necktie, and strangled Will to death on the floor of the apartment.

This all happened after Will had stopped by the apartment to help Ben and Abigail plan their wedding, as he was fulfilling the duty of best man for his former friend. Now it seems Will could be forced to relive the traumatic ordeal all over again when Sami makes Ben set up the familiar scene of Will's death. Could this be the thing that will force Will to remember his former life?

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