'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Abe Threatens To Cut Ties With Horton Family After Tragic Shooting

Days of Our Lives spoilers for November sweeps reveal that Abe Carver will have a big storyline. As many DOOL viewers already know, Abe is going to be on an emotional roller coaster when he learns that his son, Theo, is fighting for his life in the hospital.

Warning: Major Days of Our Lives spoilers below.

According to the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers and news, Abe Carver will soon learn that his youngest child, Theo, was shot by police officer JJ Deveraux, who believed Theo to be a fleeing criminal. JJ will be living a nightmare when he realizes he shot Theo, and the young Salem resident will be forced to battle for his life after taking the bullet.

Days of Our Lives news confirms that Abe will be enraged when he learns what JJ has done, and he'll take out his anger on JJ's mother, Jennifer Horton. DOOL viewers will see Abe tell Jennifer that if he is forced to bury his son for the critical mistake that her son made, he and his family will officially cut ties with the Horton brood for good.

While Abe will be speaking out of anger and fear, Jennifer will be completely shocked by what she has heard her very old and dear friend say. Jen will want to be there for Abe during this tough time, but it seems that Salem's well respected mayor will want nothing to do with anyone in the Horton family, especially JJ or anyone close to him, including Jennifer or his sister Abigail.

It seems that Abigail could be caught in the middle of this mess as Abe will be furious with JJ for shooting Theo, and he'll also blame the DiMera family for putting his son in the dangerous situation to begin with. Days of Our Lives fans will see a lot of emotion from everyone who knows and loves Theo in the coming weeks, and many Days of Our Lives fans are thrilled that Abe is getting another major story arc.

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