Hugo Chavez Suffers ‘New Complications’ Following Cancer Surgery

Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez has apparently suffered “new complications” after his cancer surgery in Cuba, according to an announcement by the country’s vice president.

Nicolas Maduro informed his country of the update in a televised address from Cuba, saying that the leader of the communist country continued to be in a “delicate state.”

The BBC reports that Chavez has been recovering from his fourth cancer surgery operation, which happened on December 11. He suffered complications during the surgery and contracted a respiratory infection during recovery.

Maduro explained that the latest complications are due to the respiratory infection and not the surgery or cancer, but he declined to give further details, simply saying, “President Chavez’s state of health continues to be delicate, with complications that are being attended to in a process that is not without risks.”

CNN notes that Hugo Chavez has not disclosed what kind of cancer he is battling, though it is understood to be located in his pelvic region. He first announced he had cancer in April of 2011 and has been through four surgeries in Cuba to remove cancerous cells.

Along with announcing the return of his cancer in early December, Hugo Chavez also named Vice President Nicolas Maduro as his successor should anything happen to him. It was the first time the communist leader named a successor in his 13 years as the nation’s leader.

It is unlikely that more details will be released about Hugo Chavez’ setback during his recovery from cancer surgery. It is also unclear what his exact condition is.