Baby Born With Full Head Of 'Anchorman' Hair: Baby Girl Isabelle Kaplan Delights The Internet

A baby's photo is going viral online, simply because of the full head of hair that Isabelle Kaplan enjoys as a newborn. She might be only two-and-a-half months old, but Isabelle's hair has become the subject of much discussion online because Kaplan had a full head of hair when born -- hair that has grown more lush and beautiful as the days pass.

As reported by ABC News, Mackenzie Kaplan is a 28-year-old mom who was looking forward to the weekend when Kaplan took a simple photo of her baby girl and posted it to both Instagram and Facebook. Before she knew it, the photo of the baby with so much hair -- seemingly perfectly coiffed -- had gone viral online.

Folks loved the photo of the little baby girl and her beautiful smile and a thick and luscious, shining mane of dark brown hair. When asked if Kaplan brushes her daughter's hair to look like that, Isabelle's parents responded that they don't do anything special to make Isabelle's hair so lustrous.

Once posted on Imgur and Reddit, under the photo caption "My baby cousin has hair that looks like a news anchorman," the photo of the baby's hair received more than 3 million views in a span of 13 days.

Nicknamed "baby Izzy," the infant is being compared to plenty of news anchors.

The common misconception that all babies are born bald was quickly done away with when Isabelle showed up on the scene with dark hair that seems pretty full for a baby. Comparisons to Ron Burgundy, the Anchorman cult classic character, ensued -- along with plenty of memes on Twitter and Facebook, turning the baby's hair into a funny quip.
Indeed, nearly every photo of baby Izzy shows her smiling from ear to ear, with her so-dubbed "perfect hair" standing up. Izzy's dad, David Kaplan, thinks it's funny that people confuse their daughter with being a son. Lots of references to "he" can be found on social media when folks talk about the baby with all the hair.

Nevertheless, the family from Redwood City, California, is taking it all in stride -- not minding all the memes that show baby Izzy as a news anchor or even Wolverine. David is a web developer who learned that Izzy's photo went viral after his cousin took the photo from Facebook and posted it to Reddit. The rest is history.

"It turned out was my cousin saw that picture on Facebook and he just thought her hair looked so funny for a baby -- that it looked like a news anchor or something, and so he posted it on Reddit.
The 34-year-old Kaplan notes that Izzy's hair likely came from his side of the family -- because David's mom told him that he, too, was blessed with a thick, full head of hair when he was born. As a 3-month-old, David had a mother who was already considering giving her newborn a haircut because of the way his hair was growing past his eyes.

Reactions to Isabelle's full head of baby hair have her grandparents not fond of all the memes. However, Izzy's parents are fine with the attention and happy that the photo makes folks smile. Online, the jokes keep rolling in about the baby with lots of hair.

"She looks like she's auditioning for Jersey Boys on Broadway."

"Is that Vidal Sassoon the 4th?"

"Breaking News: baby with anchorman hair."

"The moment you realize a baby has more hair than you."

"Babies with lots of hair freak me out."

"Most beautiful post I've seen today, congratulations to the happy mom :-)"

"I've never seen a baby with hair that thick before."

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