Five Naked Canadians Kidnap Family After Drinking Hallucinogenic Tea, Alberta Police Say

Five naked Canadians were arrested after crashing their car and being charged with kidnapping an entire family, including a 6-week-old baby. According to police reports, the five naked Canadians drank a hallucinogenic tea with their breakfast before forcing the Laduc County couple and their baby into a BMW against their will.

The couple and their infant were abducted from their Kisku home in Alberta around 9:30 a.m. earlier this week. The kidnapping suspects were arrested on the street after the car crash, Royal Canadian Mounted Police Cpl. Laurel Scott told the press. The extremely cold weather conditions and 17 degree temperature in Alberta did not appear to phase the five naked Canadians when they were being handcuffed and placed in police cruisers, the Daily Mail reports.

The five naked Canadians allegedly forced the father into the trunk of the BMW. He was able to escape from the trunk and his wife and baby somehow managed to escape later from inside the car.

One of the naked kidnapping suspects brought the hallucinogenic tea home with them after a trip to India. A relative of one of the alleged kidnappers said drinking the tea prompted a “whole crazy spell” that led to the arrests, according to the National Post. The relative cannot be named by the Canadian press because of a rule banning the identification that relates to any minors involved in a criminal case.

The relative went on to deem the events of the day as “absolutely crazy.” He said the group was planning on having a “nice morning” together and then the gathering devolved into multiple felony arrests.

The unidentified relative also revealed his ex-wife, and their two teenage daughters were having breakfast with a man and his wife who had just returned from a vacation in India and consumed the tea. He was not aware of the name of the hallucinogenic tea or what it contained.

The father of the two teenage girls who drank the tea with their mother and her friends said none of the individuals involved are bad but, adding that they simply drank some “trippy” tea. When the story about the five naked Canadians went viral, he said he laughed about the odd incident, but was soon reduced to a state of silent shock when he discovered his normally straight-laced teens and his ex-wife were involved.

He also said the family that was abducted are friends of the naked kidnappers and are not holding a grudge over the incident. According to the father of the teenage girls, none of those involved in the kidnapping tested positive for illicit drugs, leading him to believe the tea was both herbal and extremely potent.

Canadian police officers arrested three adults and charged them with both kidnapping and resisting arrested. The two teenage passengers were not charged with any crime. The BMW driven by the naked Canadians allegedly collided intentionally with a truck in front of them because they thought they had been kidnapped by its driver. No one was seriously injured in the crash.

[Featured Image by Inga Gedrovicha/Shutterstock]