Roy Moore Accuser Doxxed By Alt-Right Trump Backer Jack Posobiec

As rumors swirl around the Senate campaign of Judge Roy Moore, with the President stating that the Republican candidate should stand aside in Alabama if stories of child molestation are true, a leading Trump backer fired his own shots Friday as he shared a recent photograph of one of Moore’s accusers. Although the photo was freely available online, what controversial alt-right provocateur Jack Posobiec did with it had an extra factor at play: he named the accuser’s workplace.

Posobiec, who, according to Salon, was briefly in possession of White House press credentials, has been clear on which side of the Moore story he stands, repeatedly retweeting accounts that are backing Moore and claiming an ulterior motive on the parts of his accusers. But it was the Tweet that he sent out yesterday afternoon — and then deleted after it had been seen by many of his 225,000 followers — that really sent fur flying.

Posobiec, whose past claims include the idea that a pedophile ring was being run in the basement of Comet Ping Pong, a pizza parlor in Washington which does not have a basement, states that he got the information on the alleged victim from an article on He later changed that to claim that it came from a Washington Post article about the allegations against Moore, but neglected to explain why he tweeted it, short of any other context, in among many other tweets casting aspersions on the veracity of the victim’s story.

Posobiec, who was retweeted by President Trump in August per the LA Times, has since said that he took down the Tweet out of “fairness” to the victim. While that may display a shaky understanding of object permanence — not least as it allowed plenty of time for the Tweet to be shared and screengrabbed, which is exactly what happened on a wide scale — it is hard to read any motive into compiling and sending such a Tweet, other than to facilitate the harassment of the accuser, who will not be named here.

Posobiec, who Buzzfeed named as the brains behind a planted “Rape Melania” sign at an anti-Trump rally days after last year’s Presidential election, has been on the attack since the doxxing. Among his Tweets this morning has been one quote-tweet of Bill O’Reilly, who cursed the end of the culture of “innocent until proven guilty” and recently paid $32 million to settle one of many sexual assault allegations against him. While Posobiec’s earlier tweet was widely reported to Twitter due to it containing personal information about another individual, his account is still, today, very much active.

[Featured Image by Mark Wilson/Getty Images]