Galaxy X: Samsung’s New Patent Might Reveal How Revolutionary Phone’s Key Feature Works

Samsung’s next flagship, the Galaxy X, may just change the smartphone game as consumers know it. The Korean tech company appears to be raising the bar in the smartphone industry as shown by the latest patent leaked for the upcoming Galaxy X.

According to Tom’s Guide, a patent for the Galaxy X was first leaked by Galaxy Club, a Dutch publication. The leak revealed that Samsung is working on a phone with two screens. Given that the Asian tech company has already revealed that it’s been working on a foldable screen, the leaked blueprints may be showing the design for the next phone in the Galaxy line.

From the leak, it can be seen that users can utilize both screens at the same time. It appears that the screens can be rotated in landscape mode or portrait, like any other phone out in the market. However, the one feature that sets this yet-to-be-released phone is that the screens can be folded back to back.

Based on the images posted by Galaxy Club, it appears that both screens of the Galaxy X can hold applications and are equipped with a recent apps menu. Users can also opt to keep all their apps on one screen if they prefer allowing for some customisation.

TechRadar reported that there could be two different home screens for each side. The two screens can function independently, allowing users to run two different apps at the same time without having to split the screen as well.

It would seem that with a dual-screen device, the smartphone becomes more user-friendly. The versatility of a phone with two screens appears to be endless.

For instance, the Galaxy X is said to be able to display a game on one screen and the controls for the game on the other, much like the Nintendo DS. If this is true, gamers would no longer need to buy extra equipment to play games on their phones. Of course, if this were the case, the Galaxy X would have to be a beast with specs.

Tom’s Guide suggests that the dual screen phone could work as a hybrid device with one panel functioning like a keyboard and the other a monitor. However, the size of the phone would have to be considered if the Galaxy X could be used like the iPad Pro.

According to TechRadar, the head of Samsung’s mobile sector suggested that the Galaxy X is set to launch in 2018, but this information has not been officially confirmed.

[Featured Image by Richard Drew/AP Images]