Audrey Roloff Shares Baby Ember’s 2-Month-Old Photo, Gets Some ‘LPBW’ Fans Pissed Off

Little People, Big World star Audrey Roloff seems to have a lot planned for her baby girl, Ember Jean. As her child reached yet another milestone, Audrey decided to share some of her insights and expectations about her daughter to her social media followers. While Audrey’s message was heartwarming and sincere, some members of the LPBW community on Facebook and Instagram ended up pretty upset.

Audrey’s post about Baby Ember is quite beautiful. Featuring a photo of Ember lying on a milestone blanket, Audrey’s latest social media post was much like her previous uploads, filled with beautiful words for her baby girl. Gushing over her daughter, Audrey stated that even at two months, Ember is already growing into her name.

Audrey went on to describe the different attributes of embers, from their glow, their endurance, and their capability to provide warmth to others. Audrey also emphasized that embers, by their nature, are forerunners, in the way that they can start a blaze by simply being blown by the wind. The Little People, Big World star further stated that in a lot of ways, Ember is a forerunner too, as she is the first child of her family.

Overall, Audrey’s message about her daughter is quite admirable, especially with regards to the articulate delivery of her thoughts and the sincerity of her words. Considering the content of her message, however, several members of the Little People, Big World community ultimately felt that Audrey was airing her expectations for her baby girl.

Needless to say, some of Audrey’s social media followers were quite upset by the reality TV star’s message. Some members of the Little People, Big World community even went so far as to accuse Audrey of putting undue pressure on her baby girl.

“Why not just enjoy her? She’s two months old. She doesn’t have to change the world,” one commenter wrote.

“Putting pressure on an infant much? She’s just a baby. Let her just thrive and grow without all the expectations and intensity! They are not exposed to the world like you, so just let her be normal as long as she can be before she realizes she isn’t,” wrote another.

Considering the content of Audrey’s post about Ember, it is not difficult to see how some parts of her message to her baby girl could be misunderstood. Some of Audrey’s words, after all, almost feel like demands for her child. Nevertheless, a close reading of the LPBW star’s caption reveals that all Audrey wants for her daughter is for Ember to become the best person she could be.

While Audrey’s critics were vocal on her social media pages, however, many members of the LPBW community have also rallied behind the reality TV star and Beating 50 Percent founder. Some even lauded Audrey and her husband, Jeremy Roloff, for selecting a name with so much meaning for their first child.

“That is the most precious reasoning behind a name. So thoughtful and heartfelt!” one commenter wrote.

“How amazing and beautiful. So much thought into her name and being. What a tribute to our Father. Your family is faithful and amazing,” wrote another.

Despite being just two-months-old, Baby Ember Jean Roloff has become the apple of many LPBW fans’ eyes. She is, after all, growing into a beautiful little girl who, just like her equally adorable cousin, Jackson, seems to be consistently happy. If any, the youngest member of the Roloff family definitely seems to be growing up in a loving environment that is as close-knit as they could be.

[Featured Image by Audrey Roloff/Facebook]