The Hobbit Beats Out Django Unchained, Remains At Top Of Box Office

Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has once again taken the top spot at the box office, robbing Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained from an opening weekend victory.

The Hobbit along with Django Unchained, Les Miserable, and the rest of Hollywood’s Top 12 movies managed to rack up an impressive $167.8 million.

The Hobbit dipped by 11 percent for a total take of $32.9 million for a 17 day total of $222.7 million. While those gross receipts beat out Fellowship of the Rings ($189.3 million) over the same time period, it falls short of The Two Towers, which earned $243.6 million in its first 17 days of release.

Django Unchained, in the meantime, racked up $30.7 million in its first weekend. Django opened on 3,010 screens, and its earnings were tabulated to include Tuesday through Thursday revenues.

The Tarantino directed movie with its strong R rating debuted solidly but may have had a better outing if not for star Jamie Foxx’s comments about how much fun it was to “kill white people” while filming the slave liberation movie.

The strong weekend helped push the Hollywood box office to just under $10.8 billion for 2012, a new annual record for the film industry.

With several days left in the year, the tabulation of box office receipts is nearly completed, and, while Hollywood receipts have fared well in 2012, movies have become increasingly more expensive to produce and therefore have left less money on the tablet for studios.

Are you impressed with The Hobbit‘s current run atop the box office, or should its heavy promotional period have yielded better early results?