Kate Middleton: Details About The Duchess Before Royalty, Including How She Earned A Living

Kate Middleton is known to the world for her beauty and fashion sense, as well as for her efforts as an advocate for a number of fantastic causes. The duchess is one of the most beloved royals, yet, obviously was not always royal. So how were Middleton’s early adult years spent prior to tying the knot with Prince William?

Kate and William met and began dating while attending university at St. Andrew’s in 2003, and at this early point Kate became a target for paparazzi and tabloids. Every move made by the pre-royal was photographed, much like today. When Kate graduated university in 2005, the beauty found herself a normal job, like any other grad would do. The Duchess of Cambridge landed a fantastic role as an accessories buyer for British brand Jigsaw while starting out in a career of fashion.

As the Independent relays, founder of Jigsaw Belle Robinson shared how lovely the duchess was to work with and how down-to-earth the mother of two was with other staff.

“She sat in the kitchen at lunchtime and chatted with everyone from the van drivers to the accounts girls. She wasn’t precious. A lot of people have distorted it to say we’re friends with her parents but I’ve only met them four times.”

Robinson also stated that photographers and reporters would hound the shop for the purpose of getting the perfect shot of Kate, and Middleton would handle the situations calmly and gracefully. Belle would inquire as to whether Kate would like to “go out the back” to avoid the mob, but the now-royal would enter into the crowd to give them the perfect image for the purpose of leaving the surroundings.

“We’d say, ‘Listen, do you want to go out the back way?’ And she’d say, ‘To be honest, they’re going to hound us until they’ve got the picture. So why don’t I just go, get the picture done, and then they’ll leave us alone.'”

As Robinson stated, Kate’s decisions, when it came to the press, have been very mature, as she never is rude to the masses, yet is not about “courting the press” either.

Both Kate Middleton and Prince William have pushed the boundaries since marrying and beginning a family. The normalcy that was a part of Kate’s life before being thrust into the never-ending spotlight has crept in via various avenues of the day-to-day of one of the world’s most admired couples.

The pair became the first in British royal tradition to opt to spend Christmas away from the royal family. When it comes to their two adorable little ones, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, Kate and William are known for bringing a modern twist to the centuries-old traditions of the British monarchy. As the Cheatseat reminds, Duchess Kate has been about gracefully going against a number of royal rules, as well.

Despite Kate Middleton having perhaps perfected her royal etiquette since becoming the Duchess of Cambridge, there is no question that the reason she is so admired has to do with qualities she has carried with her before ever meeting Prince William.

[Featured Image by WPA Pool/Getty Images]