Steven Seagal Allegedly Offered Up ‘Sit On His Face’ Proposition To Actress In 1991 Phone Call?

Steven Seagal is accused of making a phone call to an actress back in 1991, and she claims it was during this phone call that Seagal made an unwanted proposition. This woman, who wishes not to reveal her name as she is a Hollywood executive today, claims this proposition came in a phone call the day after Seagal allegedly lured this woman into his trailer for a “costume change.”

It was during a phone call that Seagal allegedly said to the woman, “You are not comfortable sitting on my face for an hour?” Seagal’s lawyer has addressed this accusation, stating it is “totally false,” according to Fox News. He also added, “It is interesting this person doesn’t give her name to give her claims legitimacy.” The executive said she doesn’t want to give her name for “fear of repercussions“, reports Page Six in the article, “Steven Seagal accused of telling actress to sit on his face.”

The woman as a young actress believed that if she had gone to a hotel and slept with Seagal, she would have had a much better role in the movie they were making at the time. This was her thought on the subject. While she didn’t say that Seagal told her she would get a better role in a movie if she slept with him, she stated that she believes she would have.

The unnamed woman said, “I worked for two weeks, then they let me go. If I’d gone to the hotel room and slept with him I would have had a much better role,” cites Page Six.


The Hollywood executive tells Page Six the details of her alleged encounter with Seagal while she changed in his trailer.

“A wardrobe assistant led me to Steven’s personal trailer to his bedroom and asked me to change into a corset. Then, Steven opened the door [and] tried to barge in. I said, ‘Excuse me, I am changing in here,’ but he insisted, ‘I need to see what you look like.’ I told him that I wasn’t comfortable and began screaming for the wardrobe person. He just smirked and said, ‘It’s OK, I like nice girls, too.'”

This alleged encounter came during the time Seagal was married to actress Kelly LeBrock who had just given birth to their second child, reports this accuser. She said he attempted to barge into the trailer while she was dressing one day and the day after that he called her at home with his inappropriate proposition. The woman told Page Six that she reminded Seagal that he was married and she alleges his response was “Ah, you are no fun.”

This is not the first accusation of sexual inappropriateness made against Seagal, actress Jenny McCarthy recently came out with accusations against the actor, who is also a martial arts expert. A recent article from the Inquisitr details her claim that Seagal “sexually harassed her and threatened her when she would not comply with his requests.” Portia De Rossi and Julianna Margulies have also made accusations towards the actor, as seen in separate articles from the Inquisitr.

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