‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Liam Fights For Love But Steffy Rejects Him, Quinn Terrified Of Sheila


The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Nov. 13-17 reveal that the week will be full of heartbreaks as relationships were damaged by betrayals. For starters, Liam and Steffy will be in a big fight as the latter learns about her husband’s kiss with Sally Spectra.

Steffy’s Overwhelmed with Liam’s Confession

Liam will try to explain to Steffy but it seems he cannot get through to her. In their argument, Liam wants her to understand that the kiss only came about due to the circumstances that he and Sally were in at that time. They were on the brink of death as Sally confessed, and it seems that Liam was saying that the kiss that followed was inevitable in that situation.

Steffy remains livid while Liam insists that he and Sally were not thinking clearly since they were in danger. Despite his wife’s anger, The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers show that Liam will not give up.

He will continue to apologize and assures Steffy that he loves her dearly. Liam will let her know that she is the only woman he wants to spend his whole life with, however, Steffy is not convinced and she now feels uncertain because of Liam’s betrayal.

Fans of The Bold and the Beautiful will see how Steffy will be tormented by the thoughts of Liam’s unfaithfulness by not only kissing Sally but acknowledging her love declaration, too. In the end, she packs her bags and leaves Liam.

Liam Fights to Win Steffy Back

Steffy left and Liam was consumed with guilt. He now plans to do everything to win his wife back as he really loves her. Then again, things may turn worse in The Bold and the Beautiful as Steffy opted to seek solace in Bill’s arms. It will be her biggest mistake and once Liam finds out that Bill and his wife made love, he will surely not be able to forgive them.

Liam may have kissed Sally but what his wife did, and considering that Bill is his father, Steffy’s wrongdoing is definitely more despicable. Now, will he just run to Sally and love her back?

Quinn and Sheila

Elsewhere in the B&B, although Sheila seems quiet at the moment, Quinn still thinks that her nemesis may attack her anytime. It can be said that she is living in fear since Sheila is still free and perhaps, planning something sinister again to bring her down.

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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