Huge Update On Emma’s Future After Being Released By WWE

A few weeks ago, WWE released Summer Rae, Darren Young, and Emma from their contracts. A lot of fans were expecting Summer and Young to be “wished the best of luck in their future endeavors,” but Emma has received great support from the WWE Universe because most fans believed she was mistreated during her WWE tenure. It turns out, the real reason for Emma’s WWE release was due to significant backstage heat.

For better or worse, her WWE career is over. She won’t be going by the name of “Emma” any longer. Going forward, it’s likely she will be wrestling with her real name, Tenille Dashwood. Fortunately, a performer as talented and experienced as her won’t be out of work very long in this industry. WWE has a non-compete on her into February, but she was negotiating with Japan’s Stardom promotion until something went wrong.

It’s being reported that negotiations between the two parties have fallen through as a result of Dashwood’s demands. Apparently, she was asking for $2,000 per match, first-class travel, and complete creative control of her character. Unfortunately, the powers that be at Stardom felt her demands were really high and talks between Dashwood and Stardom have fallen through for the time being but may be picked up again.

Apparently Emma is Asking For Far Too Much money
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There’s no doubt that Dashwood is an extremely talented performer, but her demands will be unreasonable for the vast majority of promotions outside of WWE. The harsh reality is her WWE career isn’t flattering or full of accomplishments. She was a pivotal part of the early days of the “Women’s Revolution” in NXT, but a lot of people just remember her role as the performer who put over Paige at NXT Arrival a few years ago.

Dashwood didn’t win any championships during her time with WWE, and it seems that she left the company on bad terms. There is absolutely a place for her in the wrestling industry, but she’ll need to reevaluate her demands before negotiating with some of the other big promotions. Dashwood will have plenty of chances to improve her standing in the industry. Hopefully, she finds success over the coming months and years.

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