'My 600-lb Life' Steven Update: Controversial Reality TV Star Gets Hospitalized, Gains More Facebook Followers

Simon Alvarez

My 600-lb Life star Steven Assanti recently had a little health scare, with the reality TV personality sharing on his personal Facebook page that he had to get admitted to the hospital due to chest pains and blood clots in his lower leg. Not long after sharing his close call, however, Steven went back to social media to tell his followers some good news.

Steven shared his close call on November 5, when he uploaded a selfie of himself lying on a hospital bed. According to the My 600-lb Life star, he ended up being confined to the hospital after he suffered from chest pains and abnormal heartbeat.

"I was getting chest pains for the first time and weak, really weak, abnormal heartbeat. I've been diagnosed already prior to this hospital visit. I have two blood clots in my lower left leg, and I'll keep you all updated. I'm not feeling well at all."
"Hey guys, I'm ok home & resting. Back on my blood pills again to keep the blood clots from getting any worse. Thanks for all your prays [sic]."

Not long after posting his brief update, Steven returned once more on Facebook to share some good news with his social media followers. Just hours after sharing his recovery with his fans, the controversial reality TV star went back on social media to state that he now has more than 15,000 Facebook followers.

Steven's increasing popularity on Facebook was well appreciated by the reality TV star. The My 600-lb Life star, after all, has admitted to dreams of stardom in the past. During and after his episodes were featured on the hit TLC reality TV show, Steven has been quite open about the premise of him having his own show and gaining fame.

With 15,000 Facebook followers and counting, it seems like Steven's dream of stardom might actually happen in the future. If any, Steven seems to be learning that his erratic behavior, such as leaking information on future episodes of My 600-lb Life, bashing TLC, and attacking his brother, Justin, do not result in a better social media presence.


As could be seen with his latest posts, Steven seems to have mellowed down once more, and his Facebook followers are responding well to his more restrained behavior. That, in a lot of ways, is pretty much the best that the My 600-lb Life star can hope for -- at least for now.

[Featured Image by Steven Assanti/Facebook]