Corey Haim Spoke From The Grave To Tell Corey Feldman To Expose His Abuser, Is It Charlie Sheen?

Corey Haim’s name was back in the headlines after shocking revelations surfaced of Haim being allegedly raped at the age of 13 by one of Hollywood’s superstars, Charlie Sheen. Although his pal, Corey Feldman, has already written a book about the ugly side of the industry, he omitted specific details that he probably believed to be very controversial. However, Haim spoke from the grave, through a clairvoyant medium, telling his best friend to expose the whole truth.

As shocking as it sounds, child molestation in Hollywood has been happening for decades, but most of the victims were too scared or too embarrassed to speak up. Being a young kid living a very glamorous lifestyle, the abuse was mostly swept under the rug to maintain the popularity.

As expected, these unfortunate events eventually took a toll on their lives that led some child stars to commit suicide, resort to drugs and alcohol, or distance themselves from Hollywood. Keeping a huge secret for most of his life, Corey Feldman, best known for his roles in ’80s hits like Stand By Me and Goonies, felt that he was finally ready to tell his story on his book, Coreyography: A Memoir.

The 46-year-old actor was a guest star on the Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry series last year and he got the shock of his life when his good friend and fellow child star, Corey Haim, paid him a visit during the reading. Although their unusual reunion gave fans a quick reminder of their very successful team-up back in the day, Haim seemed to have a deeper reason for appearing.

Since Corey Feldman knew what Corey Haim went through when they were young, the latter told him, through Tyler Henry, to finally come out with the information that he has about his abuse. Feldman tearfully listened, knowing completely what his friend was talking about.

“Literally, I’ve been praying for several nights in a row for this answer,” Corey Feldman said. “I feel like that whole thing was orchestrated by some greater power to help me find that answer.”

Although Corey Feldman has yet to expose the name of Corey Haim’s abuser, many are already convinced that the late actor was talking about Charlie Sheen.

However, Corey Haim’s mom recently slammed all the reports about Charlie Sheen raping his son. She named former actor Dominick Brascia as the guy who abused Corey.

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