Tom Hiddleston Shocked Taylor Swift Mentioned Him On Her New Album

The buzz today is all about Taylor Swift and the release of her new album, Reputation. While the reviews have been mixed, it looks like one person may not be a fan of it. That person is Swift’s ex Tom Hiddleston, as he was shocked to hear he was mentioned on her new album.

That is shocking news on its own, as anyone that knows Taylor Swift knows that she writes songs based on her previous relationships. Of course, Hiddleston and Swift dated for three short months back in 2016. This is Taylor’s first album since that breakup, so it should not be shocking to find out Tom was referenced in two of the songs.

However, it seems like he was stunned to find out he made the album. Hollywood Life reported that Hiddleston “was not expecting to be part of Taylor’s album.” The reason? It looks like Tom “thought they were on good terms.” With Reputation being out now, it looks like that was not the case.

“After their break-up, he was always asked if he was worried she was going to write about him, and he always said no. But everyone’s saying she did and he’s stunned. He genuinely thought he was going to get spared.”

According to Hollywood Life, it appears that Swift mentions Tom Hiddleston twice on the new album. The first mention comes on the track “I Did Something Bad.” Besides Tom, she also references Kanye West on this track. In the first verse, she talks about a “narcissist” who “talks sh*t.” Fans were immediately dissecting every line of the album, so they all pin-pointed this one on Kanye also.


Right after that line, Swift mentions a “playboy” with whom she flew “around the world” before she broke up with him. At the beginning of their relationship, they did fly to Italy together. She goes one to say this playboy was spending all of her money. While they were dating, it was often rumored that Hiddleston was using Swift for her fame, so Hollywood Life thinks that line is a reference to Tom.

From there, it seems like Hiddleston was also mentioned in the track “Getaway Car.” Unlike most of Taylor’s previous albums, this is the only breakup track on the album. During this song, she references both Hiddleston and another one of her exes, Calvin Harris. She sings about wanting to get out of one relationship, but not having a “reason” to do it.

Apparently she found that reason in Tom Hiddleston, as she talked about going to an event where “the ties were black and the lights were white.” Of course, Tom and Taylor were first linked together at the Met Gala. Not long after that she split from Calvin and ended up dating Hiddleston. She references Tom again in the song, as she talked about the new relationship not working, but that person should have known it wouldn’t because of how they got together in the first place.

So, do you think Taylor is referencing Tom Hiddleston in those songs? And if so, do you think Hiddleston should be shocked by this?

[Featured Image by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images]