Wendy Williams ‘Cheating’ Husband Allegedly Impregnates Mistress Amid Engagement Reports

Wendy Williams is having the worst month following the news that her husband, Kevin Hunter, has been living a double life outside of their marriage and is expecting a child with another woman, it’s been alleged.

From what Hollywood Life has gathered, it would seem that Wendy Williams knows the rumors concerning her husband are true, regarding his alleged affair with his massage therapist named Sharina Hudson.

Kevin is alleged to have bought a house for the other woman in New Jersey, and according to the Daily Mail, Wendy’s husband stays in the home a considerable amount of time. His time is even in the mailbox tag along with Sharina’s.

It’s really unclear what’s going on between Wendy Williams and her partner but what seems evident is that the talk-show host is struggling with her personal life. It’s taken a toll on her health and everyone has noticed it.

Wendy feels like she’s under a lot of pressure right now, a source reveals to Hollywood Life, explaining how putting up a front that her marriage is fine is one of the hardest lies she’s had to tell her viewers since the announcement broke.

The truth is, Wendy William’s marriage is far from fine and it’s beginning to affect her actual well-being, with sources adding that the former radio personality is rarely eating; she can’t sleep at night, and is concerned how fans will feel when it comes out that Kevin has, in fact, been living a double life.


Wendy has made it seem like she’s sticking to her husband regardless of what happens, having told her studio audience that claims regarding Hunter’s affair was simply untrue, but Fameolous seems to think otherwise.

According to the celebrity outlet, it’s believed that Hunter has allegedly impregnated Sharina, who is now said to be expecting a child with Wendy William’s husband.

Kevin has already spent the majority of his time in the New Jersey home he shares with Hudson, so it wouldn’t seem as a shock to know that he’s now planning to start a family with her, and that’s all allegedly while being married to Wendy Williams.

Do you think Wendy is fooling herself into thinking her fans can believe her comments by saying there’s no truth to the affair claims?

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