Adopt A Pet In ‘The Sims 4’ With The New ‘Cats & Dogs’ Expansion, Out Now

With the “Cats & Dogs” expansion out now, pets are finally a part of The Sims 4 today. Over three years after its release, Sims can adopt cats and dogs with the release of the latest expansion. The veterinarian profession, the new world of Brindleton Bay, and a number of new items are also included in “Cats & Dogs,” according to the game’s website. The main attraction, though, is creating and customizing friendly felines and cute canines.

With the Create-a-Pet tool players can customize their pets’ traits and appearance. With a wide array of features to choose from, players are able to recreate their own pets with relative ease. There is even a paint tool letting users of The Sims 4 paint patterns directly onto a pet’s fur. A number of traits let players further customize their animals with different personalities. There are even hidden traits that players will have to discover as their Sims spend time with their pets.

Players can also have their Sims become veterinarians with the “Cats & Dogs” expansion. The new job lets players make medicine, treat animals, and even perform surgery. Hiring a staff, training them, and improving the customer experience leads to better establishment ratings. Managing a business in The Sims 4 is also a great way to earn more Simoleons and grow the community.

The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs expansion out now on PC
The coastal town of Brindleton Bay is a great spot for fish. [Image by Electronic Arts]

Alongside the release of the “Cats & Dogs” expansion, a new patch for The Sims 4 is available now. The update includes four new roof types and unlocks the Photography skill for all players. As the Inquisitr reported, Photography was originally a part of the “Get to Work” expansion pack. Players had to own it in order to level up the skill. Now, it is available to all players whether or not they own that particular expansion pack.

The latest update also extended the shrink command. Players can easily scale an object to be larger with the Close Bracket key, and the Open Bracket key would size the object back down to its natural size. After the update, the Open Bracket can also shrink objects to smaller versions with ease.

“Cats & Dogs” is the fourth expansion to the life simulation game since its release in 2014. Players can pick up the expansion now via Origin for $39.99. A retail copy of The Sims 4 pack is also available from retailers.

[Featured Image by Electronic Arts]