Selena Gomez Knew She Would Reconcile With Justin Bieber Prior To The Weeknd Split

Selena Gomez had always known that she was going to get back with Justin Bieber, it’s been reported.

According to People, the singer was never able to get over her love for the pop star, so when she had learned about the 23-year-old’s plans to change his ways and dedicate more of his time to church and his religion, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to give their love for one another one more try.

Sources tell the publication that Selena Gomez is head over heels in love with Justin, and even when he was making negative headlines in the press for supposed affairs and legal drama, she still stood by him and supported the singer in any way possible.

While her decision to do so seemed naive to fans, Selena Gomez couldn’t help the fact that she finds Bieber to be her soulmate no matter what has happened in the past.

At this given point, Hollywood Life asserts that the Biebs knows he has messed up in the past. He’s come to the realization that this could potentially be the last time he gets to prove to Selena Gomez he has changed for the better and, more importantly, he has matured.

The “Come & Get It” singer is having the time of her life since reuniting with Justin last month, having been spotted doing all sorts of activities around Los Angeles.

Photographers have spotted the couple all over the city and it seems that neither one of them could care less about who is watching them — they are happy to be in each other’s presence and that they have found their ways back to one another.

Now that Justin has some time off from his work commitments and since Selena Gomez is doing most of the recording for her new album in Los Angeles, the two have had a good amount of time to be together and talk things through.

It’s said that Selena and Justin want to use the next couple of months to really work on their relationship and figure out what they’ll do in order to make their romance last because both of them seem to be convinced they are meant to be together.

[Featured Image by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images]