Selena Gomez: How Justin Bieber Is Proving To Girlfriend He Is Serious About Their Relationship

Selena Gomez can’t believe how Justin Bieber continuously goes above and beyond to prove to the singer that he’s committed and devoted to making their relationship last this time around.

Justin has reportedly been fighting to win Selena Gomez back for several months, and now that he’s finally won her over, the hitmaker wouldn’t want to jeopardize the chances of ever losing her again.

Sources tell Hollywood Life that any promise that Justin has made to his girlfriend, he has stuck by it, having vowed to always be truthful to the 25-year-old.

Their relationship had previously been filled with nothing but feuds, fights, and lies, so this time around, both Selena Gomez and the Biebs want a fresh start for one another.

It’s further mentioned that their relationship break was good for the both of them because it not only allowed them to mature, but also realize that other people they’ve dated in the past don’t come close to the connection they share together.

Justin is in no position to find himself losing Selena Gomez again, an insider added. He loves her more than anything and wants to show her how much he’s changed, not just by the things he tells her, but also through his actions, and Gomez is impressed so far.

The duo is reportedly planning to spend Thanksgiving holiday in Texas, which is Selena’s home state.

While Bieber may be a little nervous to be reintroduced to his girlfriend’s family, following all the things they’ve been through, the “Purpose” singer wants to show them that he’s a changed man and has worked hard to find himself back in the arms of Gomez.

Sources say that Justin and Selena have enjoyed every moment of being together since reconciling last month.

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Following the announcement that The Weeknd had called it quits with the 25-year-old, Selena Gomez wasted no time flaunting her relationship with Bieber in public.

She’s beyond happy that Justin is on the same page with her in wanting to really push each other to make the romance work this time. Now that they have grown up and matured immensely, both singers believe that they can make it work so long as they remain committed and honest to one another.

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